5 Reason to Plan a Summer Wedding

If you're like us, you love summer and look forward to it every year. Winter is gloomy and cold and it's easy to get tired of the desaturated landscapes. Summer promises warm weather and the return of sunshine, beautiful colors, and outdoor activity. School is out and vacations are calling. For us, we know that the beginning of summer means the wedding season is about to pick up. It's the perfect season to plan a wedding and here's why:

1) Wide Variety of Flowers in Season

If you have dreams of colorful big blooms and floral arrangements, summer just might be the perfect season for you to plan your wedding. Not only will you have more options for the flowers available through your florist, but you'll also see more flowers in bloom in nature and in the landscaping of your venue.

2) So Many Color Palette Options

Summer is a season that inspires fun and bold color combinations reminiscent of the vibrancy of nature. You can literally go with any color palette for your summer wedding, from citrusy yellows and oranges to cool blues and dusty pinks. These colors occur naturally in summer, so you don't have to shy away from bold colors for your wedding.

3) Outdoor Venues and Ceremonies

Summer comes with the option to host your wedding completely outside. There are so many venues that offer beautiful scenic views for their outdoor ceremony spaces. And being outdoors doesn't have to end with the ceremony, you can host your reception outdoors as well. With the long daylight hours in summer, you can party on a patio with glistening string lights without having to worry about how to light the space.

4) Guest Travel Flexibility

If you're worried about whether your guests will be able to attend, consider a summer wedding because school is out, which provides greater guest travel flexibility.

5) Comfortable Summer Dress Styles

You can go with any style of wedding dress in summer, but it is also the perfect season for lightweight dresses with fewer layers. Deeper necklines, open backs, slits, and shorter hems are all features of stylish summer dress options. There's a lot to choose from and you'll undoubtedly find your perfect dress.