"Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon"

—Harvest Moon, Neil Young

The Vow Renewal of Anne and Curt

On a beautiful day in September, Anne and Curt stood before their family and friends to declare their deep love and commitment to each other. It was a celebration of life and love, family and unity. Their vow renewal story was beautifully set against the backdrop of Shakespeare's Restaurant & Pub at Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City, PA. It was an honor to document this joyous day for Anne and Curt and their family to cherish. Anne was gorgeous and Curt's smile lit up the room. I think their first dance was so moving and my favorite part of the day.

Anne got ready with her attendants, who were her daughters, sister, and friends. They did their own makeup with Curt's niece styling their hair. They all looked lovely. While the women were occupied getting ready, I snuck into the reception hall to get some detail shots and ran into Curt hanging out with his groomsmen. A short time later it was time for the ceremony. Along with touching speeches from friends, a duet performed an acoustic version of Everything I Do, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams. It was beautiful. However, it was the tenderness with which Anne and Curt exchanged rings that stood out to me the most.

Anne and Curt had a beautiful love. The way they looked at each other was pure happiness. I'm glad to have seen them together for the short time that I did and witnessed their celebration along with all the people who love them. These are precious memories, and I am forever grateful to be entrusted with putting them into pictures.

In memory of Curt Lang.