"Baby, there's a shooting star, that one's for me and you
So, hold me tight, make that wish,
and pray that it comes true.
Now I ain't sure of much, but this I know
I got a diamond in my pocket
and my baby's got a heart of gold."

—Cody Johnson, Diamond In My Pocket

When Rachel started at her first hospital fresh out of nursing school, she was super scared of everything and was told to rely heavily on EMS for assistance. Larry was the EMT the she found herself relying on the most. She constantly asked him to help her with patients and hard tasks, and soon they were inseparable. It was three months after meeting that Larry decided to take the next step and ask Rachel to be his girl. Their first date ended up being at the Shamrock Cafe, which is also where Larry decided to propose while the song "Diamond in my Pocket" by Cody Johnson played on the radio. Now after three years of being together, Larry and Rachel are on the last few days of their engagement as their wedding approaches this weekend. As they prepare for their wedding, they talked about how stressful the planning has been, so they're excited that it's finally coming. They're also excited to get all their family and friends together for a big party.

I asked what they feel is the key to their relationship's success and happiness.

"We have oddly similar, yet different personalities...I know that's an oxymoron, but it's true. So for us, communication is really important," Rachel said and Larry nodded in agreement.

When they aren't working their very demanding jobs, Larry and Rachel like to catch up on sleep and love on their dogs. Rachel is a travel nurse, so they plan to buy a nice camper to take their lives on the road, with Larry becoming a stay-at-camper dog dad. Their dream of traveling to Europe, specifically Denmark or Switzerland. Larry and Rachel both have family in Poland that they would like to visit someday as well.

For their engagement session, Rachel initially had considered a woodsy location like Sherwood State Forest, but as the date approached, she changed her mind and chose downtown Steubenville. I loved being able to leisurely walk downtown with them, listening to them talk about their future, and reminiscing with Rachel about our days past. Rachel and I actually go way back...like making silly videos in my small apartment before kids and before pet pigs. I'm excited to be the one documenting the beginning of this new chapter in her life.

So here's to Larry and Rachel and their fast approaching wedding!