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Heading to the Chapel...Or into the Woods

Gone are the days that a traditional ballroom wedding was the expected norm. While we adore photographing those big events, we at Cyn Davis Photography are equally as thrilled to photograph the elopements and small weddings that break tradition. 

If a big traditional wedding isn't for you, if the idea of celebrating your love in a new and free way brings you joy, then it's totally okay to let go of the expectations and chart your own course, whether that leads you to the chapel or into the woods. We are so excited for your dream to come to life.

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Whether you have always planned to have a small wedding or COVID-19 caused you to pivot, a small wedding can absolutely be your fairytale wedding.

While many envision walking down the aisle surrounded by everyone they know, you know that your eyes will be on the only person who matters, the one who has seen you at your worst and loves you for it. As long as you end up married to that person, your wedding is a success.

To you, the magic is in the small moments. It's entwined fingers, laugh lines, the tear dampened cheeks. Magic is in that giddy whisper, "We're married." These are the moments you want to remember forever. Everything else is just noise.

We would love to be the ones who capture those small moments for you.

I have found the one my soul loves


Maybe you dreamed of having a big luxurious wedding, but your plans have changed because you realize that time is fleeting and you don't want to wait for life to go back to normal. There might be heartbreak about letting go of those big plans, but a small wedding doesn't have to mean a DIY shindig. 

Changing your plans from a large guest list to a small curated guest list can open up the possibilities of having a more stylized wedding with a unique experience for yourself and those in attendance. A small wedding can certainly be just as lavish and beautiful as a large wedding.

We want to encourage you about your decision to  to go small while keeping all the style.


Our top reasons to elope


Large weddings can often feel like a production. The guests are the audience and the couple the staring performers, their parts memorized and rehearsed to perfection. But you're not a performer, and more often than not stage fright kicks in and you'll find yourself reeling in your emotions. This is why we constantly encourage couples to forget about everyone else and just focus on each other.

When you remove the audience, you open yourself up to freedom in expression and showing your true self. You'll allow yourself to be vulnerable with the one you love and it'll show up so beautifully in your images.



Your wedding, your rules. This is a mantra shouted in wedding groups all over the internet, but let's be honest, it's hard to stand firm when everyone has an opinion and you're trying to meet expectations of family and friends. When you break that first expectation of a big wedding and start planning a small wedding or elopement, it's a lot easier to do your own thing and be less concerned with pleasing everyone else.


You'll find yourself stressing a lot less when your only worry is doing what you and your partner want. There's no rule saying you have to do things the traditional way, so do your wedding your way and you'll be much happier.



Large weddings fall into the time traps of receiving lines, table-to-table mingling, and group photos of every combination. By the time the night is over, you'll be exhausted and have only spent spare moments with your new spouse. When you plan a wedding with fewer guests or even with no guests, the entire day is yours to enjoy with your spouse. No time limits. No obligations to anyone else. 

This is your day. These are your moments to soak in.



When you choose to elope or have a micro wedding, the options are limitless as to where and when you can have your nuptials. You no longer have to search for large event halls or ballrooms for the ever popular Saturday dates. However if you still want that beautiful ballroom, you have a pretty good chance of booking it for a weekday date instead. Thinking beyond traditional venues, you'll open yourself up to the possibilities of more you or more meaningful locations. Perhaps a family picnic wedding in your grandparents' backyard or a bonfire wedding at your favorite campsite. Your love doesn't have to be restricted to a Saturday at the country club.

Let your imagination loose and see where your love takes you.



If you're new to this elopement idea and don't know where to look for location and maybe just need a jumping off point, check out these gorgeous locations.

These are few of the locations we've been to that are perfect for smaller weddings. Other great options for small weddings and elopements are:

Phipps Conservatory

The Gardens of Stonebridge

Point Breezeway

The Terrace at Hyatt House

Heartwood Acres Mansion

Shakespeare's Restaurant & Pub

Leonardo's Coffee House


Camp Grounds

National Parks

Local Chapel

Local Court House

Anywhere you can come up with!

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