Baby Watch 2017: Updates and Booking

Oh, Boy!

Thanksgiving last year, my husband and I got to announce that we were expecting baby #3. Since then, we've learned that we're having our first boy and we couldn't be more excited! It's going to be so different. A boy. He's the first grandson for my parents who currently have 6 granddaughters. A lone boy among all those girls. It's going to be so different. The boy. My husband is thrilled, of course. He's excited to paint the nursery blue and fill it with all things superhero--the Flash to be exact. I can't wait for May.

Third Trimester Tradition & Change

I am currently in my third trimester and so Baby Watch 2017 begins. Usually in the last month, my husband starts day shift at work so he can leave at a moments notice should I go into labor. My last two children were each born two weeks late by induction, we kind of expect baby boy to follow tradition, but who knows? Every pregnancy is different. So far, instead of Taco Bell, my main craving has been strawberry frosted donuts. Yummy! Already different.

Speaking of different, soon I'll actually be in front of the camera instead of behind it. I'll be a client instead of the photographer. I'm really excited about my upcoming maternity shoot and I can't wait to share it. I'll also be sharing updates on the nursery progress and all things baby. Keep a look out for my Baby Watch 2017 blog posts to stay updated.

Maternity Leave & Booking

Photography tends to be very physical for me. My past clients could tell you all about how I climb and crouch and lean and test my balance while trying to get the perfect shot. Now, growing bigger and more uncomfortable with each passing day, I know I can't continue to work with the same physicality, so I've decided not to work up to my due date. I will be starting maternity leave on April 15th. If you need a session with me before baby boy comes, don't hesitate, book now. Slots for consultations and sessions are available, but limited. I won't be available again until summer.

I'll keep this blog updated, in fact, I've got some exciting stuff coming up this month. Keep an eye out for some upcoming senior sessions and styled shoots.

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