Wedding Moments of 2016

Beautiful Moments

I love weddings. Imagine that, a wedding photographer who loves weddings. It's so utterly predictable and unsurprising.


You know what's not predictable? The moments that are unique to each wedding. The moments that can't be replicated. The moments that aren't staged. The beautiful moments that are created by experiences and personalities that are unlike any other. Those are the things that I get to witness and capture. Those are things I get the honor of preserving forever.

So Unsure

I didn't start out expecting to do wedding photography. In fact, when I opened my business, I was very unsure about shooting weddings. I once said that I would never shoot weddings because it was too much pressure. So much is expected of a wedding photographer and you only get one chance. Why would anyone risk it? That was my thought process.

It's funny how quickly my opinion of shooting weddings changed. That first wedding I shot as a business owner was truly amazing. There was so much emotion and love many moments. Capturing and creating and witnessing became everything to me. It was truly like falling in love.

By the end of 2016, I was able to shoot 6 weddings. I had the honor and privilege of immersing myself in 6 unique love stories. I could gush about each one...but instead, I'll share some of my favorite images from each one. Scroll through and enjoy.

2016 Weddings

Michael and Jamie's wedding was full of raw emotion and contagious joy.

Derrick and Stephanie made me and my second feel like family.

Olivia and Bill's wedding was like the arrival of releasing a sigh and saying, "At last."

Eric and Dianne's wedding was a celebration and gathering of very tight friendships


Jennifer and Kenny were so tender and lovely, and then their reception was a huge party.

Zach and Alexis had a beautiful autumn wedding.

I second shot this for Hannah Barlow Photography. You can view more from this wedding at her blog.

I'm greatly looking forward to this year's weddings! I can't even begin to predict what beautiful moments I'll get to see and share with you.

If you're planning a wedding and you'd like me to capture your big day, contact me. I'd love to chat with you and hear about your wedding vision.

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