2018 PA Senior Rep

Graffiti, Prisms, & Long Exposure

Today I bring you my last shoot until July. Yes, I am officially on maternity leave, but I was able to explore the Strip District in Pittsburgh just before my leave started. This PA senior and I had originally planned her session for late March, but the weather turned bitter and we decided to delay a few weeks. It was a beautiful mid 70s day with lots of sun and a cool breeze, perfect for what we had planned.

I have come to really utilize Pinterest as a source of inspiration. I had my senior make up a mood board and it gave me such great ideas and the opportunity to try something new. I made a trip out to the Strip the Saturday before the shoot to go hunt for graffiti, and I was very pleased with what I found. But the real star of this shoot is the senior. She was a natural and did a fantastic job!

Check out these images from the shoot.

My second softball player! She's also a junior volunteer for her fire department. How cool is that?

There's this neat little building across from Kelly O's Diner that is covered in graffiti. Here are some favorites. Also, I'm in love with her purse.

A few blocks down the road is this cool mural. I pulled out the prism and played with it a little to create those rainbows. After this portion, we broke for dinner. I went to this little pizza place down from the Convention Center and got a fancy donut from the Sinful Sweets shop.

Around 7:30 we met back up on the river to get these beautiful golden hour shots. This was probably my favorite part of the shoot. And can you really have a Pittsburgh photo shoot without getting pictures of one of the many bridges? The answer is no. No, you can't.

Finally, the sun set and we started playing with long exposure. These were a challenge, but so much fun. I really wanted to capture all the neon colors and night lighting without the grain that comes with a high ISO. These were all captured using a tripod, very slow shutter speed, and a self-timer to prevent shake. I really enjoyed the challenge and I really enjoyed getting to know this senior.

Good luck with senior year!

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