Baby Watch 2017: Blake

On Saturday, May 27th labor pains started. Again.

I had been having what is called prodromal labor since 30 weeks of pregnancy. Nothing new since I'd experienced it with my previous pregnancies as well. But on May 27th, it was different, my contractions were strong and averaging two minutes apart. At 9:30pm I called up my mom and told her it was go time. We dropped off my two girls and stopped at McDonalds on the way to the hospital. My labors tended to be long so I wanted to make sure I got to eat.

It was two days after my due date. I went 13 days late with my first and 14 days late with my second. I had expected to go late. After I got checked in, I told the nurse that I had never delivered without the aid of Pitocin because my progress always stalls, which ended up being true this time as well. The doctor on call knew my birth history and admitted me.

12 hours later, I had made no progress. I decided to get the epidural and let the doctor break my water. After having my water broken, labor picked up again and Blake was born 7 hours later at 5:20pm on May 28th. His was my easiest and smoothest delivery. I'm so thankful Ashley Lyn Photography was able to come and document the arrival of my baby boy.

(Birth images below)

The following day, we had Fresh 48 pictures done and we were released.

All above images are by Ashley Lyn Photography. Use her for all your bump and babies photography needs. Seriously, she's awesome!

It is now almost two months later, and my 9lbs 2oz baby boy is nearly 14lbs. He's bright eyed and happy and bewildered--and sometimes annoyed--by his older sisters. I'm no baby photographer, but I want to share some pictures of what my boy looks like today.

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