Josh and Jessica have become Mr. and Mrs. Husband and Wife. Always and Forever.


I've been eagerly waiting for their wedding since the day I met Jessica at the beginning of 2016. She had this contagious energy about her...it was like we had been friends forever, but didn't realize it until we met. I couldn't wait to get her in front of my camera. Then she became my hair dresser. She took my dark red hair and made it purple and then blonde. If anyone's looking for an awesome hair and makeup artist Jessica (aka Belle) works at Eclectic Hair.

Then I met Josh. Again it felt like I was meeting a longtime friend. He fixes cars, plays in a band, and is a skilled artist, so he understands the passion and struggles of creating. He's the type of person I'd want to hang out with on the weekends; I bet he'd enjoy playing Catan with my husband. Also gotta love a guy that tells you not to worry about the timeline and take all the pictures.

Josh and Jess. Jessica and Joshua. Belle and the Beast. They compliment each other so perfectly and are completely devoted to each other.

I can't say enough good things about this awesome couple...but for the sake of getting to the good stuff, I'm going to stop.

Additional credit goes to:

Allison Baronio - The Second Shooter

Linda Burkey - The Decorator

Legal Hair & Day Spa

Fabian Formals of Hollywood

Ed McCauslen's Florist

Bake Me Happy

DJ Chelsea Matta

Katie Lynn's Photo Booth

Heavenly Coach Limos

Grace Point Ministries - Ceremony Venue

St. Francis Centre - Reception Venue/Caterer

(last image courtesy of Katie Lynn's Photo Booth)

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