2018 Senior Spotlight: Rachelle



1. Lamb

Sometimes names perfectly describe their owners. I've known Rachelle for many years and she's always had such a gentle personality. There's just this lovely innocence about her. She also has a very nurturing spirit--she's very happy to hold babies for however long you let her. She holds baby Blake all the time. Rachelle is so pleasant to be around.

And then...when you're least expecting it, she sheds her sheep's skin and becomes a wolf.





Rachelle is a hunter. She knows her guns and isn't afraid to use them. In fact, she hopes to pursue a career in criminal justice. She wants to bring down the bad guys. She's also very competitive​. In sports, in board games, video games. You name it. I like having her on my team during our summer kick ball games...because Rachelle is a winner.

Rachelle is a wonderful young woman, and it was truly a pleasure to photograph her and get to know her a little better.

Check out the photographs from her session.

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