Once Upon A Time: she was a little weird.

There was a girl, she liked to write about dragons and goblins. No one writes about goblins, at least not in a very flattering light. Not that I would have written them that way either, but I liked exploring and reinventing the history and stories surrounding goblins.

Dragons...well, who doesn't like dragons? Draco from Dragonheart is a beloved favorite as is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragons, but my favorite was the white dragon of my novel-in-progress. He was glorious and powerful and kind of like Aslan in a way. The great protector.

Reading fantasy books and writing were top priority. I was also learning to play guitar and would sometimes sing, but only when no one was listening. I was quiet and a little shy and maybe just a little bit dark. Black hair, black clothes, black graffitied room...

Everyone called me gothic.

I was just a little bit strange, but not horribly so. I loved going to church and hanging with friends. My friends even helped tag my room, which was all done with my parents' permission. My dad was, believe it or not, the one who first dyed my hair black. He started my hair coloring obsession. Things haven't changed much. My hair is green now, but it seems to be much more acceptable nowadays to have bright hair as opposed to when I was 13 with pitch black hair.

I never fully grew out of my strangeness, but that's okay because the world is strange and we're all a little strange in some way. And maybe...just maybe my strangeness is one of the reasons my husband likes me.

Here's a throwback picture of my husband and me. I was probably 14 or 15 in this picture.

We met when I was 12 at our church's Vacation Bible School. We were paired in a small group and I think I was the only girl. We talked about video games. I have 6 brothers, so I was no stranger to video games and knew my way around Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. With a business to manage, 3 kids to take care of, and all my church responsibilities, I don't play much anymore, but I make time whenever new Zelda games are released. Richie thought it was cool that I could keep up in the gaming conversation. That's sort of where it began.

We quickly became friends and I told him all about my dreams of being an author and excitedly shared the details of my novel with him. He liked the way I talked. I used big words and sometimes stuttered and akdfjadshkmmm...because my brain works faster than my mouth. Actually, that still happens a lot.

He thought I was funny. I thought he was the best person.

I think my mom always knew. She knew that he was going to be my person and that I was going to be his.

And it's funny because we are so different.

And it's amazing because we compliment each other.

At 12, when I met my husband...I had no clue he was my future. How could I? I was just a kid.

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