I've been head deep in editing the past few weeks, but I've once again come to a place of being able to update my blog. What better way to update than with a story from my birthday and this awesome session? None.

I turned 28 recently. I've found that my birthday seems to get less important the older I get and with each kid I've had. To me anyway. Plus with an upcoming Disney vacation just in the distance, I didn't really have high expectations, but my husband always finds a way to celebrate. He decided to take me out to my favorite breakfast place, IHOP. I love pancakes. I could eat pancakes for any meal and be totally content.

So we went to IHOP and our waitress came to take our order. She was gorgeous! I asked my husband if there was a non weird/awkward/creepy way to ask her to do a photo shoot. He laughed. I get it, I'm pretty awkward already. He told me to just ask, after all, the last time I let my awkwardness keep me from asking someone to model for me, I really regretted it.

When our waitress came to drop off the check, I threw caution to the wind and just asked. To my surprise, she agreed!

Check out Bethany's session. She's a yoga-practicing, mandolin-playing vegan with big plans of opening a barber shop in her hometown. Oh, and get this, she's never been professionally photographed before! She was an absolute natural.

Like what you see? Book your own session. Contact me today!

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