Other than my monthly posts recounting my love story, I don't really take the time to write personal blog posts, but I thought Thanksgiving would be an appropriate reason to do so.

Every year, my parents host Thanksgiving, which usually means making enough food for 17 people, sometimes more and sometimes less. I typically bring the green bean casserole and some sort of dessert. My family, my siblings, their families and/or respective significant others all flock to my parents house for food and quality time.

This year was different. One of our extended family passed away last week, so my parents flew out of state. The realization hit me on Friday that they probably wouldn't be back for Thanksgiving. I would be hosting this year.

Normally, I cook--if I cook--for a family of 4, knowing that my toddlers are picky and probably won't eat and my husband won't be home until after dinner has cooled. Cooking for more than that is almost daunting and made me consider ordering Chinese take-out, but I have multiple crock pots and the head count was smaller this year. My older brother and his family were hosting Thanksgiving at their house for his in-laws, so that took 5 people off my guest list. Another brother would be at his girlfriend's, so that was another 2. We ended up with 9 to feed, three of which were children under 5. Not too bad at all.

In-between putting the carrots, stuffing, and sweet potatoes in various crock pots and playing a game of Catan, I found a few moments to photograph a small part of our day.

There is so much that I am thankful for this year, but there are a few in particular that I want to mention. I'm thankful that my parents arrived safely to their destination. I'm thankful that my other brother (not pictured) wasn't hurt in the car accident that happened on his way to our house. I'm thankful that I was able to cook dinner with little stress. I'm thankful that my shirt was covering my arm when I burnt myself on the broiler. I'm thankful for being near my family on the holidays and for the games that we play. There's so much more, but of now, these are the things I want to highlight.

I am so blessed. I don't know why God allows me to have the life that I do...but I'm thankful. So thankful.

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