Jayetee & Clayton

Another photographer messaged me one Saturday afternoon asking if I had an opening for the following morning. She had a lovely couple wanting to have some photographs taken for their Christmas card and she was unable to fit them in.

I'm glad she contacted me because Jayetee and Clayton were the best. Really, they were amazing! Plus, they brought their dogs! I always love getting to photograph animals, it's almost impossible for them to not be photogenic...even when they jump into swamps. Lucy, a beautiful lab, decided it would be a grand ole time to go swimming and jumped straight into a swamp. She emerged covered in black muck. I hadn't even gotten my camera out of my car yet. It was both mortifying and hilarious and I couldn't decide weather to laugh or not. During her walk of shame, I was able to get a few shots.

The session continued on with her brother Max, a chocolate lab with the most beautiful eyes. Jayetee and Clayton snuggled up in the bed of their truck and spoiled Max with love. Lucy was maybe just a tad jealous, so Jayetee and Clayton decided to allow her to be apart of the fun and we got some final shots with everybody.

They were all wonderful.

Check out Jayetee and Clayton's sunrise session.

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