Doug & Melia

As a fairly new business owner, I'm still growing. I imagine and hope that I will continuously grow and learn. This year was a big one for me in regards to professional contacts. I am so grateful for the vendors I've connected with this wedding season! Without them, this styled bridal shoot would have never happened. 

I am entering into my third year of business and this was the first time I attempted to put together my own styled bridal shoot. This was definitely a learning process, but I was very proud of what I was able to pull together with help from just a few people. I asked the lovely Jessica Verhovec if she would assist with hair and makeup and the wonderful Pam of Ed McClausen's Florist if she would create a cascading bouquet. Both were more than happy to offer their creative services.

I had the dress, the hair and makeup artist, and the florist, I just needed the models.

Enter Doug and Melia.

These two were a lifesaver! I had put out a model call in various Facebook groups and on Instagram, but had trouble finding both a woman and man to fill the rolls. Doug and Melia came to me just in time! I was nearly ready to call Jessica and Pam to cancel the whole shoot, but thanks to this wonderful couple, we were able to continue as planned.

We went to my favorite abandoned church in downtown Steubenville and started shooting at sunset. I don't know about other photographers, but I love blue hour (the time just after sunset and just before dusk). I think that soft purple light is so pretty and mysterious. Because of the time of day, I opted for a darker vibe.

Doug and Melia are actually celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary this month. So happy congratulations and wishes to them! They were very happy with their second round of wedding pictures. 

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