Matt & Kira

I grew up with 6 brothers (and 1 sister), so gaming has always been a part of my life. I still love to play Super Smash Bros. or Mario Party with my husband, and I always get the latest Zelda game when it's released. My husband plays more than I do. He's real big into all things Pokemon, so he's usually playing that or we're out catching Pokemon with Pokemon Go!

Yes. I know. Nerds. We're cool that way.

So, I wanted to do an in-home couples session with a heavy emphasis on gaming and what goes more perfectly with gaming than pizza? Nothing. I put out the model call a few months back and Kira answered. I'm so glad she did! She and her fiancé were awesome! So was Kat, their little photogenic sidekick that stuck around.

I brought the pizza and the Mountain Dew and Kira brought the classic Nintendo 64. Kira and Matt started with Tetris, which Matt decided he didn't like after the first round. Then was an intense match of Super Smash Bros. In between matches, they ate pizza and I asked them to do a few poses. It was great! I even got some nice shots of Kira's engagement ring on her yellow N64 controller. I loved the emerald gems!

Then I asked Matt to play a little something on his acoustic guitar. He had so many instruments in the living room, it would have been a shame not to get a few shots of him playing. He actually plays and sings for a rock band called The Gossamer Project, which is also awesome. I also play guitar and sing, so it's fun being able to connect with other musicians. The best part was the way Kira looked at Matt while he played. She is completely smitten.

So here is Matt and Kira's Gaming + Pizza couples sessions. Enjoy the fun!

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