Once Upon a Time: The One Who Didn't Wait

To tell this story accurately, I have to tell you about the time I went to a school dance with a boy who wasn't my future husband...and before I was allowed to even think about going to school dances with boys.

In my family, 16 was the age requirement to start dating. There was this boy that was two years older who asked me to his school winter formal. What's a 14-year-old to do? The sensible thing would have been to politely decline because of family rules. I did not do the sensible thing. I decided it would be a good idea to tell my parents that my friend (younger sister of said older boy) had invited me to the dance, 'cause you know, I was a teenager and clearly much smarter than my parents.

Note: kids, your parents know everything. They really do have eyes on the backs of their heads. I grew mine when I became a parent.

Anyway, I went to this dance and had a good time, but not too good, because I was a little paranoid in my disobedience and for good reason. The storm was waiting for me at home. I ended up grounded for the entire month of February and it was on Valentine's Day that I found out that the older boy had asked another not grounded girl out on a date.

That stung.

At the tender age of 14, I couldn't understand why it was so easy for him ask out another girl after just going to a dance with me. I didn't understand why I wasn't good enough.

I was over-dramatic.

I'm glad that I wasn't good enough for him...or really, I'm glad that he wasn't good enough for me. I'm glad that he didn't wait.

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