A Year of Hope.

It’s a big year for me. For my family. We have adventures, new responsibilities, milestones, dreams. As I sit here, finally typing this post, I realize that it’s almost February and I haven’t blogged in over a month. 2018 is already getting away from me.

With all the crazy busy busy busy of life, I often find myself grasping for a lifeline to keep from drowning. With three small children, multiple obligations on top of work and my husband’s work, it feels likes there’s always so much happening. We have a never ending to-do list and it gets hard to stop and catch our breaths.

Is it like that for you too?

My husband was given a lateral position, which resulted in a raise. He’s at a new location with new obstacles and unfamiliar problems. It’s a great opportunity for him and for our family. We’re not sure where this will take us yet, but we’re keep an open mind about our future.

Then there’s my photography business. We’re planning to attend three bridal shows this year. We’ve already attended one. We saw so many great vendors, and we took home plans for improvement for the next show. On top of that, my husband and I are in the planning stages for a new type of portrait project. I can’t say much about it yet, except that I’m excited about it and that I feel like it’ll be a truly transformative experience for those who participate. It’s in the works and I hope to announce it within the coming weeks.

Also within the coming weeks, I’ll be announcing dates for mini sessions to support my mission trip to Haiti. I’ll be going to serve the people there, like I did years ago in Guatemala. I’ve always had a desire to travel, and I can’t think of a better reason  than to go to love and serve others. 

Speaking of love, my husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss in May. 10 years. It seems like a big number, but they have honestly gone by so fast and I can only assume that the next 10 will go by even faster, especially now that we have three children. I've learned so much about myself and my husband and love and commitment, some private and some that I will share through my continued blog series. 

Actually this milestone anniversary is one of the reasons for our upcoming Disney vacation. Yes, our kids will love it, but it’s really for me and my husband. It’s our first big vacation since having kids. We’re ready for fun and the opportunity to recharge.

Our 2018 calendar is filling up already. It’s sometimes overwhelming and feels like the year is already gone, but Rich and I entered 2018 with a goal. To slow down in the moments between the hectic schedules. To soak in the moments, the hectic and the calm. To not worry about things we can’t control and to be intentional about the things we can. We have hope for 2018, that it can be a year of change and of growth for us as individuals, as man and wife, as a family, as businesspeople, and as leaders.

I look forward to living life in 2018. 

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