Wonderfully Made

Do you like having your picture taken? Do you like the way you look when you see pictures of yourself? Let's go a step further. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel beautiful?

For a lot of people, women and girls in particular, the answer to all of those questions is "no." Body positivity is a huge movement, but for a lot of people it's hard to practice what they preach and the confidence they exude is only a facade.


You only see the pictures of me that I choose are good enough. The ones that best display how I think I should look. The truth is, most of the time I look a lot less like this:

And a lot more like this:

Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the point remains. I feel like a beast, as I'm sure a lot of women and girls do.

No one knows me better than myself and I see all the parts that I want to hide. I see all the parts I wish were different. It's the same for many of us. We are our own worst critics. We see all of the bad and that makes it so hard to see the good. We know ourselves best, yet we don't clearly see the whole picture. We tend to see a distorted version of ourselves. There is good. There is beauty. I want to see it and I want to help others see it as well.

That's why I am now offering Wonderfully Made Sessions. Wonderfully Made Sessions are all about you and making you feel beautiful and unique. It's about gratitude and comfort. It's about confidence and love.

Wonderfully Made Sessions are for women and girls. They are longer than my typical portrait session, as they are designed to allow time for reflection and pampering. I want to hear your story and talk honestly about self-image. When all is said and done, being honest and vulnerable is exhausting...so I want to be able to pamper you. Wonderfully Made Sessions include hair and makeup styling at the end of the session. You'll end your session with two sets of portraits: raw natural portraits and stylized glamorous portraits.

There is beauty in everyone. We're all wonderfully made.

Contact me about scheduling your portrait experience.

And for the sake of honesty, this is my actual reality right now:

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