Once Upon A Time: The Wedding

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this special blog post.

That's right, I'm skipping ahead to the big day. I know you want to hear the whole story about what lead up to this day, and I will get to it, but since it is actually my 10 year wedding anniversary, I figured it was a nice time to reminisce.

It was 2008. We had been planning our wedding for just about 7 months and the day had finally arrived. I laugh thinking about it now because so many couples have engagements that last 2 years or longer. 7 months in comparison really isn't very long. The thing is, my older brother had been deployed when Richie proposed and we were planning our wedding for the small window that he would be back to visit. May 10th was our date and we only had 7 months to plan.

I was 18 and Richie had just turned 19. We didn't have the money to plan an extravagant wedding, but it was perfect regardless.

We all look so little.

Before I discovered the awesomeness of Eclectic Hair Studio, my favorite place was called Details. It sadly went out of business and I wandered from salon to salon until I found Jessica. Anyway, this is the Details Hair Studio and I loved what they did with my hair.

I had our names and wedding date stitched in blue on my dress for the something blue. My aunt gave me a family necklace of pearls for the something borrowed and something old.

While my bridesmaids were taking pretty pictures, I was doing this:

Mandatory getting ready picture. I play guitar so I always have short nails, but I figured for my wedding I wanted to have nice french tip acrylics done. I didn't think about the fact that I wouldn't be able to function with them. I was completely unable to clasp my necklace. Even my maid of honor had trouble, but she finally got it! Turned out to be a great picture.

Me with my only sister.

The flower girl from my wedding is now in high school and is an active member of our church's youth group. I just did a session with her that I'm super excited about.

I thought I did a pretty good job of picking dresses for the bridesmaids that actually weren't hideous. Totally re-wearable. Lol!

I love these pictures with my parents.

I'm not actually sure what Richie and the guys were doing while we were getting ready, but the few pictures I have indicate that they were having fun.

My older brother on leave from his deployment.

Along with my maid of honor, Richie's family flew in from Phoenix, AZ to attend our wedding.

Richie with my youngest brother.

Here are two more of my brothers. Looking sharp! Both have since cut off their curls. Jerod, the one with the boutonniere, is currently serving in the Air Force.

Pretty soon, it was the moment we'd been waiting for.

You know how everyone is always looking at the bride as she walks down the aisle? They always miss the best part...the groom's reaction. The moment that he sees his bride and his face lights up. Where you can see all his hopes and dreams and love right there shining in his eyes. This was that moment. This is one of my favorite pictures.

I think that's a glisten of a tear in my eye.

Exchanging rings and vows.

I get so emotional looking at this pictures. The expressions on our faces are just so full of happiness. I remember it so clearly, the moment that we were announced husband and wife. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Edwin Jordan Davis. I couldn't have been more in love. Well...I could, because after 10 years of marriage, I've learned that my capacity to love this man has increased and continues to do so every day.

My maid of honor, Elisa (who has her own blog that you should totally check out), had a wad of tissues hidden in her bouquet the entire ceremony just in case she needed them. As evidence by this picture, she did.

The Wedding Party

One big happy family!

Best man's toast.

Maid of Honor's toast. Shortly after this, she and I ran upstairs so she could help me put my garter back on. It kept falling throughout the reception.

You can see our friend Becky's hands keeping the cake stable in this picture. She did a lovely job on baking and decorating it, so we wanted to make sure it didn't fall over while we were cutting it.

I just love this picture. Richie's dad stole him away for a moment to tell him how proud he was.

So we had gotten the bubble wands and thought we were safe. We were wrong. The groomsmen went out to get silly string. I'm glad that I changed out of my wedding dress, pretty sure the silly string would have stained it.

After Richie and I drove off to start our honeymoon drive to New York City, this lovely bridesmaid moment was captured.

We found ourselves in New York City a few days later. It seems like just yesterday...but also like a lifetime ago, and really, I guess it was since we now have 3 new lives that've been added to our family since then. We've been through a lot in those 10 years. We've love each other for better and worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and health, and I can confidently say that we'll continue to love each other and won't part until death parts us. Richard Edwin Jordan Davis you are my perfect match. You compliment me and make me better. Now that I have you, I never want to know what life is like without you.

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