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I'd like to introduce Sterling and Shelby, SJ and the newest addition to the family! I've been waiting to post this until Shelby announced the news of her pregnancy. They went Facebook official and I can now share this incredible family's session with you!

Shelby originally posted on Facebook for photographer recommendations. There were a lot of names mentioned, as there usually are. There's a lot of talent out there and quite a few photographers who are much more established than I. Honestly, I feel like the luckiest of the bunch when someone comes to me by recommendation. When Shelby contacted me I was thrilled! And when she told me that she was hoping to use the pictures from her session as a pregnancy announcement, I was even more excited.

Aaaaannndd rained. Like poured. Like stormed and turned the earth into mud downpour. Although I would love to do a session in the rain (I see you thinking about it because it would be amazing), I knew mud wouldn't work with this particular one. You see, Shelby and Sterling have an adorable 18-month-old daughter. Toddlers and mud for an 8pm session just equals a stressful evening for mom and dad.

Gotta love when little kids look at you like this. Too funny!

Well, because of the rain, our window to shoot this session before I left for Haiti was officially closed. I was to leave in two days and there was no way I could fit them in before then. So we rescheduled. poured on that day too. I was starting to feel like I had ran out of luck. I'll tell you what, trying to schedule outdoor sessions in spring/summer around here is such a guessing game. Will it rain? Will it be sunny? No body knows. We rescheduled for two days later and it was the only sunny day that week.

I was so excited to meet this little family. Shelby and Sterling are newly engaged and getting ready to plan a wedding after the arrival of their newest addition. They talked about how much their daughter had filled their lives and the joy she brings them.

Shelby and Sterling explained that the love for their daughter was one of the reasons they decided to have another. She fills their hearts and they are ready to pour more love into a second child.

I'm super excited for them in this next chapter in their story. Parents have this common fear that they won't be able to love a second child as much as they love their first, or that they'll neglect their firstborn when the new baby is born. It's such a mystery how our capacity to love grows. There is no quota, there is no limit to how much love can fill our hearts and how much love we can show. Love multiplies...because Shelby and Sterling will be able to see the love they put into SJ flow from her into her new baby sibling.

In all of the excitement of enjoying little SJ and announcing their pregnancy, this session was about Shelby and Sterling and their love for each other. We did pictures with their daughter first so that we would catch her in her best mood and then I pulled Sterling and Shelby aside and we took the wilder path and found a spot in the long grass. Typically I ask couples how the proposal happened, but this time I was able to watch it myself. A few months ago, Sterling proposed to Shelby while overlooking a waterfall and had a friend capture it in video. I honestly love that. Guys...or ladies...whoever does the proposing, have someone video it!

One we found our golden-lit spot, I had Shelby and Sterling look at each other and get close and whisper what they love about each other. they just had this amazing connection, and I almost felt bad for spying on them with my camera. It was too tender and there I was watching...feeling all awkward. Feeling like I should give them privacy. That feeling was fleeting though, because I got to capture moments and emotions that are real and beautiful.

I love weddings. I love marriage. I'm that girl who read fairytales (still reads fairytales) and imagined happily ever after. I'm so excited for this lovely couple and all the new adventures and challenges they'll face as they continue life as husband and wife. I'm so happy that they found each other and decided that life together was better than apart. They were amazing together and I truly enjoyed getting to photograph this chapter of their love story


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