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This is the reason I do what I do. It has been at the core of Cyn Davis Photography since the beginning. In 2015, when Rich believed in me and set our dream in motion, it was love for each other and love for others that really formed the foundation of our business. It was more than creating images my clients would love, it was getting to tell love stories and show love to those I came in contact with.

Love was the inspiration for the Spirit Award. It was a way for me to show love to someone who was facing struggles. A way to Love Thy Neighbor.

I decided to open the Spirit Award through nomination. I didn't want it to become a "woe-is-me" pity party for selfish gain, but rather an opportunity for those who follow my page to show love to someone special in their lives.

That outpouring of love went to Adrienne Verhovec, whose family has been changed in so many ways this year. When I went to photograph her oldest son's second birthday pictures, I was able to ask Adrienne about her youngest son, Jack, and the impact he has had on their lives. She agreed to share his story.

Jack has apert syndrome. Apert syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by malformations of the skull, face, hands, and feet. It affects 1 in 200,000 live births.

"We weren't able to prevent it, we weren't 100% sure about it while we were pregnant. We were given a heads up, but we didn't know for sure if he'd have it until he was here with us." Adrienne said.

When Jack was born, it was confirmed that he had the syndrome, however, he is on the very mild spectrum of everything.

"He has gone above and beyond all expectations," Adrienne said proudly. "He is growing and doing well."

As for what the future holds for Jack, he will begin his surgery process at around 6 to 9 months old and he'll have a decent amount of surgeries as a youth, but Adrienne assured that Jack will be a typical little boy capable of doing everything that anyone else can.

I asked her about Will's relationship with Jack, or Jacko as Will affectionately calls him.

"Will is a phenomenal big brother. He is very protective of him and looks out to him. He introduces everybody to him."

My husband actually used to work with Adrienne at our local Office Max and he commented on how happy she looked and I asked her how Jack has impacted her life and blessed her. Adrienne chuckled.

"The best thing I came up with the other day is that he's taught me about depth," she said with a big smile. "Of course you love your children. You have patience and compassion, but you don't know the depth of it until you are blessed with someone who...makes you be that way. He has definitely made us grow. You don't realize realize you can love somebody so deeply. It's truly amazing."

I was sure to ask if Adrienne felt comfortable if I shared a picture of Jack. She mentioned that when she first had him, she was truly worried about what people would say. She wanted to protect him and her own heart from the harsh judgmental words of others. It's understandable given today's digital generation where online bullying is on the rise and it's a fear many parents have. However, Adrienne is no longer afraid of what others might think because Jack is who he is and the only opinions that matter are those of the people who love him. She's proud of her son and happy share his story.

Jack is precious and so blessed to have the strong parents and doting brother that he has. He is truly loved.

Here are a few pictures that I took of Jack's older brother, Will, who just turned 2!

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