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So October was lovely and wonderful and busy. Last I counted, I had 2 engagement sessions, 3 family sessions, 5 senior sessions, and 2 weddings. It was quite the hustle and I loved it. Though, with all the shooting and editing and day-to-day life, I didn't get very much time to blog, which is a shame.

So to start the process of catching up on my blogging game, here is the first engagement session from October. Jon and Olivia.

Jon and Olivia met by happenstance when, during a Pittsburgh Pride event, Olivia--covered in glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint--had trouble paying for parking. Jon, who had been at a Pirates game, approached and offered to help her out. It was love at first sight, right??

Not at all. Olivia wanted nothing to do with being in a relationship. She insisted that they stay just friends. She was in the middle of nursing school and dating was not on the agenda. After a month and a half of asking her to go to lunch, Jon was able to convince Olivia to accept. They spent almost 4 hours on that lunch date and Olivia knew that something was different about him.

After 3 and half years together, Olivia said that Jon has kept his promise of never changing in the way he treats her. He continues to do the little things that make her feel special and loved. When asked what drew him to her, Jon said that he knew she wasn't like any girl he'd dated before. He could be himself and not feel like he had to pretend to be someone he's not. He could tell all the inappropriate jokes that he wanted and it would never offend her.

Olivia and Jon agreed that the key to a happy relationship is laughter. Playful banter is a big part of keeping each other laughing.

Another way that they keep each other laughing is by going on Disney World vacations. Olivia had been suspecting for a while that Jon was going to propose, but he wanted to throw her off the trail. He explained to Olivia that he couldn't afford a vacation and a ring, so he didn't want her to be expecting something. Olivia was happy with the vacation alone because Disney World is her favorite place. Then, during a couple's photo session in front of Cinderella's Castle, he pulled out the ring. He didn't even get the words out, when Olivia grabbed the ring and starting running for joy.

Olivia is most looking forward to seeing Jon cry when she walks the aisle on their wedding day.

When they aren't being full-time dog parents, Jon and Olivia love to go to concerts and sporting events together and eat at East Liverpool's Hot Dog Shop.

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