Once Upon a Time: While in Detroit

Well, my layover is almost over and I’ll be back home in Ohio tonight. I’ve been traveling and waiting in airport terminals all day and I’m exhausted. This weekend was much anticipated. It was not only the first wedding of 2019, but also the wedding of one of my old Arizona friends. Jessi and I were in the same youth group all those years ago when my family still lived in Phoenix. Jessi told me at the end of the night that it was really special that I was the one who photographed her wedding. It made my heart swell. Here’s a portrait of Jessi and her husband Nic.

The nice thing was that I even got to spend some time chatting with my maid of honor and her family. It was just like old times, except now we all have kids and are almost 30. So it was a little weird.

It was interesting to be back in my old city. It was both nostalgic and unfamiliar. So much had changed and yet stayed the same. The weirdest part was being without my husband who I met and fell in love with in Phoenix.  He stayed home this time to be with the kids and then to represent us at the Small Town Bridal Show and Wedding Expo. Last I heard, it was a huge success. He and Travis has a great time.

Though we are states apart, we continue to be together in unity. We may not always get to spend our days together, but we always have each other in our hearts and minds. This is marriage, commitment while apart.  

Here are some fun pictures from our weekend!

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