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The clouds were rolling in thick on March 31st. It had been warm and sunny just a few days before, the promise of warmer spring days ahead. But March 31st was bitter cold. One last day that winter clung to with icy tendrils, snow flurries floated through the air as if blown upon a kiss goodbye. The forecast had called for a high of 36 degrees, but by 6pm it was 31 degrees and felt ten degrees colder. Winter bitterly clung on.

Kayla decided that she and her fiancé could handle the cold for a little while.

Nick met Kayla in high school. He followed her around everywhere she went, but not in a creepy way. They had found themselves in all of the same classes and couldn't have avoided each other if they tried. There was something there though, that made them different than other classmates. Something that drew them together like two magnets. There was something in Kayla's smile that caught Nick's eye. Her sunny smile lit up the room and Nick was basked in it. He might not have known yet that she was his person, but he knew he wanted to be around her.

Nick and Kayla shared all of their classes and soon were hanging out outside of school. It was a natural progression. From classmates to friends. Kayla saw his personality--his heart--and found herself wanting to be around Nick more. She wanted to know him more. Somewhere between fishing trips and playing Scrabble, they started to fall in love. It just happened, a natural progression. From friends to more than friends.

Eventually, Nick knew that Kayla was his person. He couldn't imagine going through life with anyone else. When he pictured himself ten years older with a house and kids, it was Kayla that he saw beside him holding his hand. She was the one. The only one. So he went out and bought a ring and, when the new year rolled in, he promised that 2019 was their year when he proposed. Kayla said yes, of course. It just happened, a natural progression. From more than friends to always and forever.

Only 4 months later, Nick and Kayla joined me on a bitter cold spring day for an adventure through the hills of Colliers, WV. They cuddled and kept each other warm and between poses, they donned their jackets and trekked through the not-yet-revived underbrush. Their adoration of each other made the numbing cold worth it. And I got to see just how Nick made Kayla smile and how he looked at her. Theirs is a beautiful love story.

I can't wait to witness how it happens, the natural progression. From two to one in marriage.

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