2019 Ohio Senior: Audrey | Starvaggi Park in Weirton, WV

And in time, this too shall pass.

For Audrey, her favorite quote is about to get very real. It's the end of April and graduation is barely a month away for this 2019 senior...high school is about to pass into memory.

She's a little bit nervous. Graduation brings with it adulthood and that's big and intimidating. With graduation comes the beginning of college. Choosing a college and a career are such important decisions and it brings a lot a pressure. I personally think that Audrey can handle it.

She had such a natural elegance and calmness, despite her nerves about graduating. In fact, she's excited to face the unknown head-on. "I'm really excited to learn to be an adult and gain that greater responsibility," Audrey answered when I asked what she was looking forward to most. From the short hour that I spent with her, I could tell that she was already a very mature young adult. She had very well thought-out answers to the questions I asked and such gentleness and wisdom.

Audrey said that she loved history because she had a wonderful teacher that helped her learn a lot. She will be attending Baldwin Wallace University to major in public relations. Outside of school, she loves the arts and mentioned that, if she could do anything, she would love to act on Broadway. In fact, Audrey is very involved in theatre at her school, as well as dancing, singing, and playing guitar. Her favorite genre to sing and play is indie. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and if she could go anywhere, she would go to Ireland and France.

I always love to ask seniors who throughout history they would like to eat dinner with and who inspires them most, as I find the answers to these two questions to be the most insightful into their personalities. Audrey's answers were so fitting. She said that she would love to sit with Audrey Hepburn and that she is most inspired by Julie Andrews.

Congratulations to Audrey and best of luck in your future endeavors!

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