Adam and Kaitlyn's Romantic Fall Wedding at Cozzi Acres | Oakdale, PA

One of the great honors I've had in my business is to be trusted by other photographers to take care of their clients. Kara Gwyn contacted me last year about photographing this beautiful wedding for her. We had a sort of interview and got the chance to chat via Zoom about what she was looking for and how I could help. I always get a bit nervous about interviewing for other photographers, but it went well and I was given the opportunity to work with Adam and Kaitlyn. I am thankful for every wedding I get to be a part of and thankful to those who continue to trust me to capture their most precious memories.

Adam and Kaitlyn were married at Cozzi Acres in October. Their small romantic wedding had been quickly planned and pulled together in the matter of a few short months, and everything was absolutely perfect. Adam and Kaitlyn were so lovely together, truly a pleasure to work with, and their love for their family was so sweet. I enjoyed watching them interact with their adorable nephews. The staff at Cozzi Acres was amazing and so accommodating. They truly wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of.

While my October ended up looking very different than I had expected, I am so glad that it did. I would have never had the opportunities to work with the people I did if things had gone according to plan. We can't control what happens around us, but we can control how we react. 2020 taught me a lot, one of the biggest things is to be thankful in the midst of tough situations. Many couples have changed plans by downsizing or rescheduling, and that can be hard, but I think those choices have given many couples the time and ability to really focus on what's important to them.

Adam and Kaitlyn could have chosen to prolong their engagement and plan a big wedding, but they decided being married was the top priority--beyond all the fluff. Their wedding was intimate and beautiful and so full of joy. What could be better?

This wedding was shot for Kara Gwyn Photography.

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