Andrew + Rachel | Cooper’s Rock Engagement Session

Once upon a time, I met Andrew and Rachel at the Small Town Bridal Show in Morgantow, WV...and I got that butterflies in my stomach feeling. This couple was awesome and I knew I wanted to work with them. And as Andrew later told me, they felt the same.

It wasn’t long before Rachel and I were chatting through email and the deal was struck. After all the crazy that has been this year, I am so thankful that I am able to work with such wonderful people, especially when we click this well. At the end of July, we got together at Cooper’s Rock State Park and had just a jolly good time. Like, we stayed and chatted long after the sun went down and didn’t part ways until the park ranger kicked us out.

It‘s now the week of their wedding and I am just so stoked. So I figured the perfect way to kick of this weekend’s celebration would be by blogging their engagement session.

While walking through a cross walk to hop into her friend's car, Rachel was hit by a truck because the driver was on his phone. She wasn't hit hard enough to prevent her from going to the party that night, but just enough to have her screaming about what a jerk the driver was as she got into her friend's car. Unbeknownst to her, Andrew was already in the car and looking at her with wide eyes. Seeing a stranger beside her, Rachel's introvert tendencies kicked in and she didn't say another word the rest of the ride. She didn't scare Andrew enough to keep him away, as they ended up going on a lot of car related dates after that.

The first official date they had was on Bridge Day. They went down to the New River Gorge Bridge and found Cathedral Falls, where Andrew would propose two years later. On that day, they were at a boat launch and as Andrew was working up the nerves to propose, a couple in front of them started arguing about how to launch the boat...screaming and all.

"He was being weird," Rachel said. "Normally Andrew would laugh in that sort of situation, but he was being squirmy."

So later when Rachel was looking out at the falls, Andrew came up to her, hand behind his back, and she immediately suspected it was "the moment."

He held out his hand to her, a gummy watermelon ring clutched in his fingers. "Want one?"

Rachel deflated. She hates watermelon rings. "I hadn't eaten all day and he offered me the one food he knew I wouldn't take no matter how hungry I was."

She didn't talk to him for at least twenty minutes, and while she was giving him the cold shoulder, Andrew decided it was the perfect moment to propose.

"Solid strategy," Rachel quipped.

"I spun her around and dropped to my knee and she lost it," Andrew said, grinning behind his mask. "She doesn't like to admit it, but it was great."

Andrew is a mechanic and Rachel is an accountant. They have very little spare time between their jobs and helping with Rachel's parents' new restaurant. When they do get free time, Andrew likes to flip cars and Rachel loves to read and write. They are also big music fans and like to swap music. Their favorite genres are metal and classic rock. They dream of having a lot of children and teaching them to read and fix cars.

They've been engaged for three years and now their wedding is just a few short days away. They are so ready.

Rich and I can't wait to celebrate with them!

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