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You are my first love. And then, you will be my only love.

Some loves don't last and others last forever. Some loves go through times of waiting. It's not always the right time or the right place, but when it finally's undeniable and dazzling.

Nick and Ariana are one such couple who went through a time of waiting. Nick was Ariana's first boyfriend in middle school. Often, middle school and even high school relationships are those sweet first loves that remain only in memory. Growing up changes a lot and those relationships usually don't last. For Nick and Ariana, their middle school relationship looked like it would follow that familiar path. They broke up. They remained friends. They went their separate ways. College. Career. Middle school puppy love was done and gone, just a fond memory.

Nick had begun his career as a cop and had worked for a year when he ran into Ariana's mom at a football game. They had a good conversation catching up with each other--their families had always been friends--and as soon as Nick left, Ariana's mom texted her gushing about how cute and nice Nick was and that Ariana needed to catch up with him. Remembering that spark and with her mother's prompting, Ariana asked Nick to dinner.

Nick enjoyed their dinner and the opportunity to reconnect, but Ariana wasn't as confident that things had gone well. She called her mom afterwards, convinced that Nick thought she was crazy because she talked the entire time. Nick tends to be the quiet type, so he didn't actually mind.

"It wasn't all at once," Nick said. "It was nice to...rekindle, so to say. The rest was obviously all downhill from there."

"Downhill?!" Ariana laughed. "No, uphill."

"Isn't uphill harder?" Nick asked. "Downhill is easier. I'd rather peddle downhill than uphill."

"You're right," Arian said with a smile.

It's called falling in love, for falling is easier than climbing. Falling in love takes you by surprise, but the right person will catch you. Nick and Ariana found that in each other and they keep that love strong through communication and never going to bed angry. No matter how their day is, they always make sure to end the day positively.

On their wedding day, Nick is most looking forward to seeing Ariana's dress and she is most looking forward to having their families coming together to celebrate them. They plan to make the weekend a big celebratory event.

I had a wonderful time with Nick and Ariana and their love for each other was truly palpable. Biggest congratulations and best wishes are due to them as their wedding quickly approaches.

Check out Nick and Ariana's Pittsburgh engagement session.

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