Ashley + Greg | Penn State University New Kensington Engagement

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The evening of Memorial Day rolled around and I found myself in New Kensington at Penn State University for an engagement session. I had been looking forward to this one for a while. I had briefly chatted with Ashley about her wedding during the Pennsylvania Bridal and Wedding Expo back in November and then we got on the phone and had a wonderful conversation about her life with Greg and their future plans. When their engagement session finally arrived, it was on a perfect spring day at the beautiful campus.

Penn State University's New Kensington campus holds a special place in Ashley and Greg's hearts. It's where they met and fell in love and where Greg later proposed. Greg first saw Ashley on move-in day freshman year. While Ashley was focused on moving in with help from her parents, her blonde hair caught Greg's eye and he was distracted from his own tasks. Later that week, the president's aid hosted a pizza party for the freshmen and Greg saw Ashley walked down the stairs and remembered her from move-in day. Ashley noticed him looking at her and liked his eyes and spiked hair. They got to talking and found out that they were from neighboring high schools, had lived nearby, they had both worked at a Shop 'N Save, and they had both been put into the university's Red Pride. They hit it off and started dating right away.

Years later, Greg took Ashley back to their university campus under the guise of seeing her brother give a speech on working in the mining engineering field. What ended up happening instead is that Greg proposed to her. Their university wrote a story about the proposal that you can read here.

Their wedding day will mark Ashley and Greg's twelfth year of being together. In their years as a couple, they've learned that patience and open communication help keep them strong.

"We all have our issues," Greg said. "Being able to deal with those issues without running away is key."

Ashley added, "We don't fight a lot, and I think that's because we talk about things that bother us."

"We don't really have things that bother us. But when you do get into a fight, a good tip is to start making random noises," Greg said and proceeded to make a pterodactyl screech and Ashley laughed.

This is a tactic of distraction that Greg uses when they fight about the little things, because they know the little things aren't worth fighting over. Their answers make for a great start for marriage. They envision their lives ten years in the future including a forever home, a couple of children, and good health.

In their leisure time, Greg likes to do yard work or house projects or play video games and Ashley likes to run. Together they like to have friends over for bon fires, go out to dinner, and travel. Last year they took a trip to Paris and this year they are heading to Aruba for their honeymoon.

Ashley and Greg are looking forward to their whole family coming together for the first time on their wedding day. Ashley has a large extended family with a few members that Greg hasn't yet met. They are excited to have everyone together for the celebration.

I had a small glimpse into Ashley and Greg's relationship and I'm so excited to be a part of their wedding in just a few short months. Check out their beautiful Penn State University New Kensington engagement session!

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