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We let our lives mix with our dreams, like two colored paints, until we don't know which was what, and we don't care. - Atticus

Early June, the smell of rain and electricity carried on the wind. The sky was overcast, but the threat of rain had passed. Beth and Erik sat on a bench in Oglebay Park, waiting. Waiting for their photographer or waiting for their wedding? Definitely the first, but perhaps both. They waited, not with impatience, rather with anticipation.

These two first met as children. Their sisters played on the same t-ball team together and their parents knew each other and they would hang out at as children, but it wasn't until Beth was in college that they truly connected...or Erik attempted to connect. During her college orientation, Erik had asked Beth to hit him up, but she never did. Her explanation was that she couldn't find him on Facebook because she had spelled his name wrong.

Time passed and Erik waited.

He knew, long before Beth did, that they were meant to be together. It could have been their childhood friendship or their common interest in sports or maybe just some unexplainable pull that gave Erik this confidence. Regardless of what it was, he knew that Beth was worth waiting for. So he waited for the right opportunity.

That opportunity came four years later, when Beth broke up with her boyfriend. Two days later, Erik sent her a Facebook message that said, "Hey, how've you been?" Beth still has the messaged saved to her phone.

They've been together for five years now, enjoying experiences together, like bowling, country concerts, and traveling.

In December of 2018, they went to New Orleans for a Steelers game. Erik had been planning a marriage proposal for months with help from his mom and they had decided that he would propose at dinner. When the day had finally came, they'd gotten into the alcohol a little early, so Erik decided to move the proposal up in the timeline to happening before dinner. As they were walking along the Mississippi River, Erik knew it was time and proposed. Beth couldn't say anything, but yes.

Looking to the future, they envision experiencing life with children in a house built of their own hands, enjoying sports and adventures like they had as children.

Check out Beth and Erik's Oglebay Engagement session below!

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