Cassie + Tim | Raccoon Creek State Park Engagement

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Cassie and Tim are one of the sweetest couples I’ve met with.

First lesson I learned was that meeting at the beach in Raccoon Creek State Park on Memorial Day was probably not the best idea. I’ve never been there during summer, so I’ve never really seen more than a handful of other people at the park. I should have known better. In the crowd of beach goers and cars, I had a hard time finding Cassie and Tim. And of course, my cell service is always spotty at this favorite location. Fortunately for me, Tim stood outside of his car and waved me down. I apologized profusely as I absolutely hate being late and they assured me it was no big deal. I was incredibly embarrassed and they were the sweetest people. Really.

And it wasn’t just in their response to me, it was in their personalities and how they looked at each other. They really shined in their session, and not just because it was midday when the sun was brightest. You’ll have to scroll down to see exactly what I mean.

Cassie and Tim met in the first grade and had been friends for a long time. Cassie noticed how incredibly smart Tim was and that he was nice to everyone and never mean to anyone. He was easy to be friends with, so they hung out and liked seeing movies together as they got older. Things started changing in senior year of high school. They had both recently gotten out of relationships, when Tim started to notice how pretty Cassie's eyes are and how kind and caring she is. She was always able to make him laugh. One day they went to the theater to see Real Steel and Tim decided to take a chance and held Cassie's hand and they've been a devoted couple ever since. In their leisure time, they enjoy hiking and seeing comedies or superhero movies

Together in their relationship, Cassie and Tim have realized that honesty is important to their continued happiness. They have honest conversations so that emotions don't fester. In ten years they would like to own their first home and have a kid or two, but for their wedding day they are most looking forward to their reception and the cake.

Scroll down and check out Cassie and Tim's Raccoon Creek State Park engagement session!

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