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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Spring is a funny season. Funny and unreliable. Scheduling sessions in spring is not an easy task and you have to be flexible enough to change your plans because of surprise rain showers. What might have originally been an early spring session can easily turn into an almost summer session. That's what happened with Chris and Sarah. The weather seemed to be against them.

On May 22nd, the weather was beautiful, the sky colorful, and I was itching to move my joints. I had just been on the road for 4 hours traveling back from Sandusky to make it in time for Sarah and Chris' engagement session at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. When I walked across the park and met them after rescheduling 3 times due to rain, Sarah grinned and said, "I thought this day would never come!" But it was so worth the wait.

These wonderful people were amazing to work with and so perfectly suited for each other. You know how when you watch a movie or tv show and you can feel the chemistry between characters? Yeah...watching Sarah and Chris together was like that. I could see just how genuinely they enjoy and love each other.

Sarah and Chris met each other years ago on New Years Eve in one of the most meet-cute ways I've ever heard. For those of you who don't know what a meet-cute is, here ya go:

Noun: (In a film or television show) an amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.

So one of Chris' family friends was Sarah's best friend, but she and Chris had never actually met before. Their mutual friend felt obligated to attend the family New Years Eve party in Pittsburgh and dragged Sarah along with her. The stars aligned and, in a room full of small scrawny dudes, Sarah saw a tall brawny man playing beer pong and her heart quickened. As she made her way over to him, Chris noticed her fishnet stockings. They hit it off at that party playing beer pong through the night.

Despite their opposite personalities, Chris and Sarah click. They can be sitting around doing nothing, but have a fun time and fill the space with laughter. Chris loves how bubbly and outgoing Sarah is and she loves his calmness. They enjoy nights in watching movies and ordering UberEats. When they go out on the town, they love to go to games and try new restaurants. For them, it doesn't matter what they're doing as long as they're doing it together, whether that's going out or staying in.

Three years later after they first met, on New Years Eve, Chris proposed to Sarah in the presence of their dogs and she said yes. They are looking forward to having everyone together having fun and the food at their upcoming wedding.

I can't wait to work with this awesome couple again. It's going to be a blast! Check out their session:

If you liked this Pittsburgh engagement session, contact us about booking your own. We are Ohio wedding photographers based in Steubenville, and offer services to the surrounding areas. We're now booking 2020 weddings!

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