Colin + Staci | Adventure Engagement in Ohiopyle, PA

I thought an hour ago that I loved you more than any woman has ever loved a man, but a half hour after that I knew that what I felt before was nothing compared to what I felt then. - The Princess Bride

Say hello to Colin and Staci, the latest couple to grace my camera and I just have to say that I love these two. As I sit in the car trying to type up their story, I’m watching their interview with the biggest grin on my face. Colin and Staci were so much fun to work with and the chemistry and love between them was so bright. These college sweethearts were perfect together and I can’t wait for their wedding next year.

Colin and Staci met at a college mixer in the basement of a sketchy frat house. He was friends with some of the frat guys and she was on a dance team. Late that evening, he saw her across the room and noticed her blue eyes and big smile. He pointed at her to come over to him, and she walked over. When he asked if she wanted someone to walk her home and she said yes, he made sure that she got home safely. They kind of went their separate ways and didn’t really start hanging out until the following summer. There wasn’t a big moment where they became an official couple. It all happened gradually and naturally. They were friends and then they were more than friends. In their years of togetherness, they’ve found that their opposite personalities compliment each other and that they are able work well together.

When Staci and I were trying to plan their engagement session, we threw around ideas from an in-home session to an adventure session, which both reflect their lives quite well. Colin and Staci love going for hikes and walking their dog, but they also love just hanging out at home.

“We’re kind of homebodies. We like our home,” Colin said. “We put a lot of effort into it, so we like to be there.”

Colin and Staci recently bought a townhouse and have gotten it the way they want it, so they enjoy being there and watching movies there. They’ll watch anything except horror, they don’t like scary movies. Staci prefers romance like the Notebook, while Colin prefers comedy or action movies like Pulp Fiction.

“I hate that movie,” Staci laughed.

I asked if they liked the Princess Bride, but surprisingly neither had seen it, so I tried convincing them it’s cult classic that they should see. Comedy, action, romance. It has it all.

We hiked down into Cucumber Falls and then the Natural Rock Slides and then to the river. We all climbed rocks and I got bit by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes especially like me for some reason, so I always bring a can of bug spray whenever I take couples out into nature. I offered them the spray, but apparently I was a tasty enough treat that the mosquitoes weren’t bothering them.

Every now and then, in between poses and pictures, I’d catch Staci beaming up at Colin, and those little moments are everything. When they were no longer performing for the camera and just enjoying each other, I could see more and more of their love shining through. Those are the moments I strive to capture. And then there are some poses that I just love to get. Colin and Staci are very good at “The Dip Kiss” so I made them do it a lot. I’m eager to recreate it on their wedding day when Staci’s in her bridal gown. Looking to their wedding, Colin and Staci are excited to have everyone together to party. I personally can’t wait.

Check out Colin and Staci’s adventure engagement session at Ohiopyle State Park.

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