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Danielle and Steve got married on a bright and warm February day. It was the first wedding of the year for Rich and I, so I was a little more anxious than usual. I kept thinking the wedding was happening the week before and had to keep double-checking dates and emails and remind myself that it was just nerves. I felt a bit better when no one blew up my phone and the week continued on as usual until the correct day finally came. I had passed by the beautiful Union Church many times, but never gone in before. Danielle and Steve chose such a gorgeous location for their ceremony. With stained glass windows and charming details, Union Church is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.

While we had all hoped for some snow, the day ended up being a bright and sunny one, which provided plenty of natural light to shine through the stained glass windows. When it comes to wedding ceremonies, we rarely use flash so all that sunlight was welcome. I imagine an overcast day would have made for a much more challenging lighting situation for us and we wouldn't have been nearly as dazzled by the stained glass.


Danielle had her hair styled by the ladies from Shag Hair Salon in a little bridal parlor of the main sanctuary. The elegance of the room and the light shining through were charming. Later, she went out onto the balcony overlooking the main foyer and had her makeup done by Taylor of the Gloss Society. With hair and makeup finished, Danielle's sisters helped her into her dress from One Enchanted Evening. She was literally glowing as sunlight cascaded around her making the glittering lace of her dress sparkle. Danielle was a vision.

Steve arrived to the church ready. He and his grooms people went to hang out in one of the furnished offices. Rich hung out with them and followed them into the kitchen where they had sandwiches for lunch. When everyone was ready, Rich had Steve go up to the balcony where he waited to see Danielle for the first time.


Danielle and Steve shared a lovely private moment on the balcony. Steve had such wonder and awe in his expression and the nerves instantly disappeared from Danielle. They embraced and laughed. After a moment, Rich and I stepped back to allow them more privacy to chat, while we took pictures with our longer lenses.

When they were ready, we did group portraits with the whole wedding party. The bridesmaids all wanted to recreated the group shot from the Bridesmaids movie poster, so we had a lot of fun setting that up and I think it's one of my favorite group portraits that I've ever done. Afterwards, we let the wedding party run wild while we took Danielle and Steve for private couples portraits. We were able to do a few outside, which Danielle was thankful for because it gave us the opportunity to cool off a little bit as it was somewhat warm inside the church. We maybe had 20 minutes to do all the portraits before guests started arriving, which was fine since we had plans to do some night portraits at the Fez later that evening.


Steve and Danielle's ceremony was beautiful as the afternoon sunlight poured into the sanctuary. There was so much space for us to move around and capture their union from multiple angles. There was a funny little moment when the officiant asked who would give away the groom and everyone laughed. He was good natured about it and joked about how that was the first time he'd fumbled in his many years officiating weddings.

After a beautiful ceremony, Steve and Danielle were welcomed outside in a flurry of bubbles. I actually really love bubble exits and I am always excited to walk in on a wedding day and see a basket full of bubble wands. We wound our way back inside, where a bench was waiting for Danielle and Steve to sign their newlywed names. The bench has been in the church for generations and it is tradition for Poling family members to sign it with their spouse on their wedding day.

The reception was held at the Fez with DJ NIK mixing in some music I'd ever heard at a wedding, including Disney hits and Backstreet Boys. I have to admit, those songs got the dance floor full. The guests were loving the nostalgic tunes. The staff at the Fez was absolutely wonderful. The manager on duty was on top of the schedule and even personally invited Rich and I to go grab our dinner shortly after the wedding party did.

I loved the the wedding party introductions and the speeches were very touching. Danielle's older sister continued tradition by gifting Steve with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, which he was told he had to chug in front of all their guests. Being the good sport that he was, Steve got down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor and chugged it.

When the dance floor got especially heated, we stole the newlyweds away for some night portraits outside. They danced and swayed a little, happy for a moment away, a moment where they could just stare into each others' eyes. Totally and completely in love.

Congratulations to Danielle and Steve!


Ceremony Venue - Union Church Reception Venue and Catering - The Fez Bridal Gown - One Enchanted Evening Bridesmaids Gowns - David's Bridal Hair - Shag Hair Salon, LLC Makeup - The Gloss Society Tuxes - Tuxedo Junction DJ - DJ NIK Entertainment

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