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This wedding is incredibly special and dear to my heart. Jon and Olivia got married in September at the Longs Run trinity Presbyterian Church and it was long anticipated, both by them and by me and a while lot of other people, I'm sure. Olivia first contacted me about their wedding two years ago after we met at Jon's sister's wedding. I'd been waiting for this wedding, so of course I was so excited the night before that I couldn't sleep. And after all the nerves, Olivia couldn't stop smiling when she and Jon were face-to-face at the altar. There was a moment during their portraits that she looked at Jon and said in astonishment, "We're married," and they both laughed. It was incredibly sweet. Their day was full of burgundy, sparkle, and a special guest hanging in the background. Olivia had a life size Post Malone cut-out just chilling during the day's events, so I had to take pictures of it.


Rich had other commitments this day, so I had my friend Jessica come along as my second shooter for Jon and Olivia's wedding. I picked her up and then we made the drive to The Body Shoppe, where we met up with Olivia and her bridal party. It was such a relaxing few hours as we took pictures of the group lounging about. I took a minute to chat with Ashley and Ellen who I had worked with before on Ashley's and Jeffery's wedding. I was happy to see that Jessica snapped a picture of us chatting.

After everyone had their hair styled, we moved on to the Church, where Brooke Ketchum and her assistant were applying makeup. I started getting some detail shots and Jessica went upstairs to hang out with Jon and his groomsmen. Jared showed up during this part of the day to start videoing the day. He was a big help when it came to getting Olivia's dress hanging safely from a tree in the parking lot. The details for this wedding were so gorgeous and Olivia's Kleinfeld Bridal gown was absolutely enchanting and so perfect for her and Jon's Rodinelli tux was sharp.


Early in the day, I knew that this wedding was going to be an emotional one. Olivia was doing good until someone brought in a gift that had a picture of her as a young child with her great grandfather, and then the tears were flowing. While she was getting ready, Olivia was nervous. She and Jon had been engaged for over two years at that point, and it was surreal to her that their wedding had finally arrived. I didn't get to see Jon until he walked in after the pastor and took his place at the altar ready to be married. He also looked nervous. When Olivia walked in, escorted by her father and step-father, Jon was overcome with joy and had to wipe away his tears. There were many beautiful moments during their wedding ceremony, one of my favorites was the knot tying that Jon and Olivia did. Longs Run Trinity Presbyterian Church offered such a beautiful sanctuary for the union.


After the ceremony and receiving line, we took some family photos in the sanctuary. Olivia had mentioned how important it was to her that I got some sort of photo of her grandfather's headstone, so I took her bouquet and ran down the hill to find his spot. I placed her bouquet on the bench and made sure to get some photos for her. After we finished up at the church, Jessica and I made the half hour drive to Salem Golf Club and we began taking detail shots of the reception hall as well as checking out the tea room where cocktail hour was held.

When the wedding party arrived, it was a downpour and we decided to do the group pictures under the awning to wait out the storm. I was pretty confident that with some umbrellas and lighting, I could create some magical rainy portraits for Jon and Olivia, but I also wanted to see if we could wait out the rain since I knew they would rather stay dry. We had the most beautiful blue light once the rain let up and we were able to get amazing portraits.


The reception was held upstairs in the ball room of Salem Golf Club and it was gorgeously decorated. I had a hard time containing my excitement. As the reception got underway, I ended up having some technical issues with my lights. I don't think Jon or Olivia caught on, but I did tell Jessica and she continued to provide coverage while I figured out what the problem was. It didn't take long to get things working properly and then it was business as usual. I loved how colorful the reception hall became with the help of DJ Ran's lighting. Other than the colorful aesthetic, which is huge for me, DJ Ran keep the party going all night. It was an amazing reception with delicious cookies. I rarely actually eat wedding cake, but I always get some cookies. The Faithful Flour did a wonderful job on the cake and cupcakes.


Jon and Olivia met in Pittsburgh during a Pride event when, Olivia--covered in glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint--had trouble paying for parking. Jon, who had been at a Pirates game, approached and offered to help her out. It took a little bit for them to go out to lunch, but when they finally did, they talked for four hours. Together for over four years now, they continue to make each other happy through laughter and honesty.

Congratulations to the bride and groom!




Ceremony: Longs Run Trinity Presbyterian Church

Reception: Salem Golf Club

Second Shooter: Jessica Buchanan

Videographer: Thompson Video Productions

DJ: DJ Ran

Hair: The Body Shoppe 678

Makeup: Brooke Ketchum

Bridal Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Tuxes: Rondinelli Tuxedo Company

Cake: Faithful Flour

Limo: Heavenly Coach Limousines

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