Kalista + Jaen | Wintersville, OH Stormy Engagement Session

Love is a storm that engulfs the senses. - Lee Hiller

When your newly engaged sister asks to for pictures before her fiancé returns to his deployment, you make it happen...even if the sky looks like it's about to fall. This session was definitely one to remember.

Kalista and Jaen were nearing the end of their visit together and, according to the weather reports, there was only supposed to be a 30% chance of rain. No big deal. Usually that means no rain. We didn't really have another chance if we didn't make this day work, Jaen was leaving in the next few days. So we all hopped in my car and drove out to the Jefferson County Soccer Fields, and watched as black clouds rolled in. The clouds honestly looked amazing, but I wasn't overly worried...until I could hear the trees cracking and crashing just to the left of us. I got just a few shots of Kalista and Jaen before the fierce wind made me decide it was time for us to run back to my car. I didn't mind shooting in the rain, but I at least needed to get my camera weather ready.

We got to the car and I got my camera prepped for shooting in the rain and literally the next moment we were in the middle of a torrential downpour. It was both amazing and overwhelming. I snapped away and shivered as Kalista and Jaen laughed and tried to shield each other from the giant drops of ice cold rain. I could only pray that the pictures were actually in focus, because--with my glasses blurred by rain--I could barely see. The storm lasted maybe 5 to 10 minutes and then the sky lightened and the world was saturated.

Kalista and Jaen met at McDonalds where they both worked in the grill area. The first thing Jaen noticed about Kalista were her eyes and Kalista just noticed that he was there. They didn't really start talking until Kalista's (and my) younger brother started working at McDonalds as well and became friends with Jaen. At that point, Kalista noticed how funny Jaen was and found that she liked his sense of humor. They were friends for a long time and started dating a month before Jaen went on deployment with the Navy. Being in a long distance relationship has taught them that communication is key to making their relationship work. Jaen loves their ability to overcome whatever happens between them or with the world around them. They always flock to each other. Nothing drives them apart, only closer together.

For their wedding day, which is still in the earliest planning stages, Kalista looks forward to actually getting married while Jaen looks forward to being able to travel with Kalista and see the world...specifically they would like to see Japan or places with history, like Rome.

Check out Kalista and Jaen's stormy engagement session!

Like what you see? Contact us to book your own engagement session. Cyn Davis Photography is Rich and myself (Cynthia), a husband wife wedding photography team based in Steubenville, OH and serving Pittsburgh's surrounding areas. We are now booking 2020 and 2021 weddings.

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