Kira and Matt's Celtic Elopement | Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

The sun beamed down, kissing the earth with warmth despite the turning of the season. Crickets chirped and crows cawed. The wispy stems of plant life bent to the will of the breeze, swaying and bobbing in a gentle dance. All around green gave way to yellow and yellow to orange. For Kira and Matt, there was no better day than this to be wed.

Matt walked the path strewn with yellow leaves and found himself in a field, his parents there beside him. Fidgeting with his vest, he waited anxiously for his bride to make her appearance.

Leaves fell, carried on the wind. Nature's music filled the senses and peace came with it.

Kira stood waiting at the cusp of the forest and the cusp of a new adventure. She breathed deep and a smile lit her face. Matt was waiting, and she was ready.

In the distance, a bride with her hair twisted in leaves and adorned in white and a green sash began her slow trek through the long grass and toward her family, old and new. They looked on grinning and holding out phones to snap the perfect picture. Matt lifted his head and saw her. His breath was knocked out of him at the sight of her beauty. He laughed and wiped the tears from his eyes. His future was before him now.

Kira approached bashfully and beamed.

In a ceremony full of heartfelt written vows and Celtic knot binding, Matt and Kira were united in marriage, surrounded by family and nature. This wasn't their happily ever after, it was merely the beginning.

Cyn Davis Photography is Rich and Cynthia, husband and wife wedding photography team based in Steubenville, OH and capturing fairytale weddings in Pittsburgh, PA and throughout the Upper Ohio Valley. This Celtic elopement happened in Raccoon Creek State Park, one of our favorite places to photograph. I was thrilled to be able to photograph their love story and even compile a short video for them.

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