Michael and Sarah's Maternity Session in Oglebay Park | Wheeling, WV

Well gosh, this session was shot back in October and Sarah and Michael have actually already welcomed their son into the world! I'll have those pictures coming in a blog post soon, but I figured I'd get their maternity session up first. This was my favorite maternity shoot to date! Not that I've done a whole lot of maternity shoots, but everything was just perfect. I may be biased though.

Sarah and I have been friends for some time now, we actually met while working at Newbrough Photo, my first photography job and her first graphic design job. I like to think that we became friends instantly, we bonded over nerdy things like fan fiction, Naruto, and all things Marvel. There is definitely a special bond that formed between the ladies that worked at the studio and--when covid isn't preventing gatherings--we regularly get together to catch up. We've all gone in separate directions now, but we stay close.

Sarah and Michael are dear to me and my family. We've shared a lot in the past 10 or so years, both heartbreak and joy. Sarah let me cry on her shoulder (figuratively speaking) when I found out that I would need to seek a fertility specialist to have kids. She was also one of the first that I told when that was proven wrong and I found out I was expecting my first. During that time, Sarah and Michael got married and I was there at 7 months pregnant partying with them. Funny thing is, my second child was actually born on their wedding anniversary, so that's pretty cool. Michael joined our group of friends before the wedding. They would host these big parties and we all got to know Michael a little bit better each time. One of the very endearing things about Michael is that he always sent beautiful bouquets to Sarah's desk for every special occasion. It honestly had all the other ladies jealous. Eventually, they were the ones to go see all the Marvel movies with. Sarah and I were ugly sobbing within the first few minutes of Avengers: Endgame. I miss those movie dates with them.

I always knew that Sarah and Michael would make great parents.

This baby, this beautiful baby boy is so special. Sarah and Michael have been waiting for him and while he was still tucked away safe and sound, Sarah asked me to do their maternity session. This fall day could not have been more beautiful. The colors were perfect, the sunset golden, and their love and anticipation as beautiful as always. I honestly felt like this was some of my best work yet...but again, I just might be biased. Sarah and Michael are always so easy to work with and such a joy to spend time with. I am so honored to be a part of their life and to have been given the special privilege of capturing their most treasured memories.

So here's their maternity session. Next time, will be pictures from their in home newborn session, so stay tuned!

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