Trent | 2020 Senior Grad

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. - Joseph Campbell

This year has brought many challenges and many of us have had to find those deeper powers in ourselves to overcome those challenges. For the 2020 senior graduate, one of the challenges to overcome was a strange new way of doing school. With no at-school learning, no final tests, no prom, no graduation ceremony, many have raised up the seniors to encourage them. Today, I'd like to feature Trent and offer some encouragement.

I got to work with Trent back in October and it was such a good time. He was very easy to talk to and had a lot of interesting thoughts. From the mere hour I spent with him, he seemed to have a natural curiosity and heart for listening.

In school, Trent's favorite subject was math and his least favorite was english. He played football and basketball, of which football was his favorite and his position was receiver. Outside of school, Trent liked to ride his quad and eat at Scooch's Pizza where he worked.

I always like to ask seniors who in their life inspires them and Trent had this to say, "My grandfather. He was just an awesome dude, an all-around good guy."

His goal is to pursue a career as an airline pilot so he can fly internationally. He talked about going to Australia and said it seemed like a really cool place. Now that he's graduated, I just want to wish him all the best in his plans and his pursuit of flying. You've overcome the most challenging school year and have succeeded. You face an ever changing world, but you have the power within you to face it bravely and with integrity. Congratulations to Trent! May your future be bright!

Cyn Davis Photography is a Steubenville, OH based senior photographer. We are now taking applications for our 2021 senior rep team. If you are interested in joining our team or having a senior session done, contact us today!

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