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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime, no repeats, experience. Each piece of your day--from the way you look to the way you looked at each other when saying your vows--is so unique and special that it deserves to be competently and skillfully photographed. Each part of the day brings its own challenges and an opportunity to capture its beauty. Therefore there is no do-over when it comes to photographing a wedding. 


We know that you can't make an informed decision about who should document your day without seeing a full portfolio, so we've included photographs from all parts of the wedding day in our portfolio, separated into different slides. To view more of our work check out our blog. If you wish to view a full wedding gallery, we welcome the request. Simply contact us and ask to see a full wedding and we'll promptly send you a few links.


The Art of Preparation

The hair. The makeup. The dress. The butterflies.

This is it, the start of forever. This is when it all starts to feel real and the emotions begin to bubble.

As you prepare to meet the love of your life at the end of the aisle, Cyn Davis Photography will be there to capture the anticipation and the little moments of comfort with friends and family.


No wedding story is complete without the beginning. With the day focused on the newly wedded couple, we find the preparations to be a special part of the day. It's a time when friends and family truly shine. It's a time when the bride and groom can rely on their closest friends.

We find the art in emotion. Don't be afraid to let it show.


The First Look at Forever

The nerves. The anticipation. The euphoria.

This is the moment your breath is taken away and the moment you learn to breathe again. 

When the nerves get high and it starts to sink in, we at Cyn Davis Photography have found that the best way to soothe you is by showing you your future. No, we're not clairvoyant, but there's calming power and forever in the eyes of your beloved. 


There's something beautiful in the freedom of expression that happens during a private first look. The ability to connect with your soon-to-be spouse in shared emotion is a wondrous thing. From tears of joy to excited laughter, we position ourselves to capture your reaction to seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day.

Feel free to embrace or kiss or even cry.


The Promise of a Lifetime

The rings. The vows. The kiss.

This is when hearts entwine. This is when two become one. This is when forever begins. This is the moment you've been dreaming of, the reason for everything. Even if everything else goes wrong, it'll be worth it because of this moment when you and your beloved enter into marriage. Cyn Davis Photography will be there to document it all.

We know that a wedding day can be busy and fast-paced. That's why we're there to remind you that the most important thing is that you're marrying your best friend. When that time comes for you to exchange rings and vows, we'll work in a way that doesn't distract from the reason for the celebration.

As you look into the eyes of the one who loves you, let the world fade away.

Go ahead and laugh, or cry, or shout. This is your moment.


The Perfect Moment

A gentle caress. A sweet nothing. A shared breath.

This is when the world stops. This is when everyone disappears and all your worries fade away. This is when you get to hide away and bask in your glowing love. As you focus on each other, Cyn Davis Photography will be there to capture the tender moments.

Whether before or after the ceremony, the portrait session is a time set apart for you and your spouse to be alone. This is a time of quiet, laughter, and adoration, where you can soak in each other and bask in the glory of your love.

Take your time. The world can wait.