Relive your fairytale again and again with vibrant, beautiful photos. We look for the special, personal moments, making sure everyone shines. Since 2016, we have been telling beautiful wedding stories, and we’d love to tell yours.


You've found the one your soul loves. Let your love shine.

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It's your day. Make it last a lifetime.

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once upon a time

the words that tell you a fairytale story is about to be told. The start of it all and how it began. Looking back at the start of how you and your significant other fell in love should feel just like opening up your favorite fairytale.  

They lived happily ever after is the dream, the ultimate goal for every in-love couple. These words finish the love story, but we at Cyn Davis Photography know that this is truly just the beginning.

Your wedding day is the prologue to your happily ever after.

When you look at your photos, you want to feel transported back to your wedding just as if you were there again to relive your real-life fairytale. You want to feel the joy, taste the cake, and hear your song. You want photos that give you vivid memories. For that, you need photographers who will skillfully and joyfully record your story and will not only take beautiful photos but also provide an excellent experience.

Couples headshot of husband and wife wedding photography team Cyn Davis Photography

We are Rich and Cynthia

husband and wife team based in Steubenville, OH, and just 40 miles from Pittsburgh. Our top priority is to ensure that your wedding day is magical. We want you to have the absolute best time of your life and have amazing photos to remember it by. We're more than just some weirdos taking pictures, we are artists, timeline keepers, your personal errand runners, words of encouragement, your friends. By the end of the night, we'll feel more like family than just another vendor. 

We'd love to learn more about you and your happily ever after. Let's chat!

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