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Photo by Jessica Buchanan Photography

Cyn Davis Photography started with Rich saying the words, “We could do this.” I had just done senior pictures for a friend’s daughter. It had actually been about 2 years since I had photographed anyone other than my family and kids. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until that day. On the way home from shooting, Rich looked at me and said those words. He was the one who opened the door and saw the potential. I had experience and the ability to take a nice picture and I’d always been a dreamer, but Rich is the one who had the ambition and provided the vision. With his support, we opened Cyn Davis Photography.


I began knowing I wanted to photograph love, but I wasn’t sure if that meant the love between families or the love-filled atmosphere of weddings. I took on sessions and soon discovered that I had a true passion for working with couples and seniors. I started photographing weddings and found genuine joy in it, especially when Rich started shooting with me. He is so good with people and he compliments me perfectly. Getting to photograph love with the love of my life is a dream come true. It’s like the stuff of fairytales.


I never really grew out of the fairytale stage of my childhood. From Disney princesses to Grimm's Fairytales and even Lord of the Rings, my life and dreams were influenced by fantasy. I believe in true love and hope in the darkest of times. I think it's why I'm so drawn to photography, because I can tell true stories of beauty, love, and hope.

We are Steubenville, OH based wedding photographers. Get to know us better, let's meet at Leonardo's for coffee, or subscribe to my blog and follow along as I retell our love story