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  • photography career diploma

  • 12 years professional photography experience

  • 5 years studio experience

  • trained in Photoshop, Lightroom, and portrait sales

Cynthia Davis
Lead Photographer &
Graphic Artist

Cynthia Davis

I grew up as part of an Air Force family and moved every few years. Fairytales and fantasy novels were my escape.
I never really grew out of that stage of my life. From Disney princesses to Grimm's Fairytales and even Lord of the Rings, my life and dreams were influenced by fantasy.
I believe in true love and hope in the darkest of times. As a creative, I looked for ways to tell the same sort of stories.
I think that's why I'm so drawn to photography because I
can tell true stories of beauty, love, and hope.
Aside from being a photographer, I am a novelist,
guitar player and singer, wife, mommy, and possibly a shapeshifter. If you don't believe me, ask my husband what my natural hair color is. 

Rich Davis

I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ with my two younger brothers. When I wasn't at school or taking care of my brothers, my days were spent at the bowling alley where my mom worked, swimming, or riding my bike.
My favorite part of school was JROTC and I had plans to join the Air Force as an officer, but when my girlfriend moved across the country, I decided I wanted to be with her more than be in the military.
That decision changed the entire course of my life for the better. Now, I'm a husband, father, youth pastor and education director at my church, a multi-store manager for Office Depot, and working on my master's in counseling. I get to photograph weddings with my beautiful bride, what could be better?
Headshot of wedding photographer Cyn Davis Photography in Wintersville, OH
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  • bachelor degree in counseling.

  • 7 years management experience

  • 4 years wedding assistant experience

  • 2 years professional photography experience

Rich Davis
Associate Photographer & Manager

We are Cynthia and Rich Davis, the husband-wife duo behind Cyn Davis Photography. We met in Phoenix, AZ when we were barely teenagers and we became quick friends, which blossomed into love as we got older and grew closer. Our love story took us through a cross-country move, a long-distance relationship, small apartments, working opposite shifts, infertility, the death of a parent, and many more hardships. But through every worst time, we grew stronger, fell deeper in love, and found the best of times. We believe communication, sacrifice, stubborn devotion, and laughter are key to keeping the romance burning.

We are suckers for a great love story because we have a great love story. We would be thrilled to capture your story and tell it in beautiful, vibrant photography.

We are Steubenville, OH-based wedding photographers. Get to know us better, let's meet at Leonardo's for coffee, or subscribe to our blog and follow along as we retell our love story

Behind the scenes picture of wedding photographer Cyn Davis Photography working

How We Work

Cyn Davis Photography specializes in vibrant and romantic wedding photography. To produce cohesive and high-quality photos throughout every part of your day, we use a mix of natural light and flash to beautifully and artfully document scenes. While we are primarily there to photograph your memories, our ultimate goal is to provide you with an excellent client experience. 

Are you ready to embark on a special journey with Cyn Davis Photography? It's a journey in which we will be the scribes and painters, documenting your day and giving color to your memories. While you enjoy every precious moment as it’s happening, we will be working to preserve the beautiful details and emotions of your wedding day so that you can cherish those special moments for a lifetime. Click the button below to view our portfolio!


What Others Are Saying

Bride and groom embracing on the dance floor of Celebrations Bar & Grill in Imperial, PA

Kaylee & Ryan

"Cynthia and her husband are amazing. They were so precise with capturing every moment, big or small. The photos are absolutely beautiful, and high quality."


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