Love in Full Bloom: John and Erinn

In the heart of Pittsburgh, as May blossomed into full splendor, love took center stage in the enchanting landscapes of Schenley Park and the lush greenery of Phipps Conservatory. John and Erinn, two souls deeply in love, embarked on an engagement photography session that not only captured the essence of their connection but also brought along a furry companion—their beloved husky.

The Setting:

Schenley Park, adorned with vibrant greenery, provided the perfect beginning to John and Erinn's engagement session. The trails were alive with spring green, creating a picturesque backdrop that set the stage for a love story to unfold. The journey continued in front of the botanical wonderland of Phipps Conservatory, where the couple would create memories framed by unique architecture.

The Couple:

John and Erinn, radiating joy and anticipation, brought their unique personalities to the heart of Pittsburgh's natural beauty. Erinn's eyes sparkled with excitement, mirroring the vibrant blooms around her, while John's smile spoke volumes about the happiness found in love's embrace. Together, they embarked on a journey to capture the magic of their engagement.

John and Erinn met at a mutual college friend's birthday. For John, this party was at a university that was 20 minutes from his own where he was in his first year of studying for his masters. For Erinn, a college freshman, the university was in a part of the city that she didn't know. She walked there with some friends, who promptly disappeared after arriving. Left alone, Erinn struck up a conversation with the friend that John had arrived with. Through the course of that night, Erinn and John discovered a mutual love for the band Flogging Molly and sometime later, he asked her to go to one of their concerts. They stayed friends for years and, then one fateful night, Erinn went out drinking with John and his friends and they moved from friends to more than friends.

Because of their different careers and fields of study, John and Erinn have spent most of their relationship separated by distance. Throughout their long-distance relationship, they discovered that while their lives were fine separately, it was far superior when they were together. Dreaming of places they would like to see together, they mentioned New Zealand, Norway, and even Seattle.

Their Furry Sidekick:

Adding an extra layer of charm to the session was the couple's loyal companion—a spirited husky named Riley. With eyes as bright as the May sky, the husky became an integral part of the love story, lending a touch of playfulness and warmth to each frame. Riley even played a part in John's proposal plan. He took Erinn and their dog out to the dog park on a snowy day and waited for the perfect moment when the three of them were together to pull out the ring.


John and Erinn's May engagement session at Schenley Park and Phipps Conservatory was a celebration of love, nature, and the joy of companionship. Their story unfolded against the backdrop of Pittsburgh's picturesque landscapes. Looking forward to a lifetime of shared adventures, John and Erinn dream of what their life could look like in ten years and envision Erinn being tenured, having one to two huskies, maybe a cat, and two children who are too smart for their own good. What a wonderful life these two are building together.

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