"As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen."

—A.A. Milne

Reneé was stood up. She was on the North Shore expecting to meet up with someone for a date, but he didn't show. Instead of allowing her night to end on a down note, she decided to enjoy her evening out. She got on Tinder to see if she had any messages.

Brian was also supposed to have a date on the very same night, but it had been rescheduled. He had sent a message to Reneé, which went ignored...or so he thought. Turns out his first message never reached Reneé. Normally, Brian wouldn't have sent another message, but he was feeling hopeful. He asked her, "How does it feel to have a tilde on your name?"

When Reneé saw the message, she thought it was funny considering her name doesn't actually have a tilde, but rather an accent mark. She messaged him back letting him know she was on the North Shore. Brian decided to cancel his rescheduled date so he could go meet Reneé and they hit it off. They even went out the next day. At the time Reneé traveled frequently for work, so she ended up disappearing for two weeks, but they stayed in contact throughout their separation. When Reneé returned they made it official and became exclusive. Now five years later, they're about to embark on their next great adventure: marriage.

They're looking forward to everyone coming together and hanging out in a more relaxed atmosphere for their wedding. After the wedding, they plan to have a low-key honeymoon. They travel a lot for work and leisure already that they would like to keep it more local. Though in the future, they hope to visit Scotland or Ireland and they dream of possibly moving to Puerto Rico. While they like where they live, Brian and Reneé imagine moving in the future for work.

When Reneé, a geologist, and Brian, a water treatment worker, aren't working and traveling, they like to play trivia, hike, garden and spend time with family and friends.

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