Whispers of Love: Collin and Kheilee

Nestled in the quaint charm of Carrollton, Ohio, Collin and Kheilee's wedding at Century Farms unfolded as a magical celebration of love and commitment. From the intimate first look and private vows at Bluebird Farm Park to the heartwarming ceremony and whimsical reception at Century Farms, every moment of this enchanting day told a unique love story.

The day began with Collin and Kheilee sharing a magical first look amidst the serene beauty of Bluebird Farm Park. Their private exchange of vows beneath the whispering trees created a sacred and intimate atmosphere, allowing the couple to express their love in a deeply personal way before the excitement of the day unfolded.

Against the backdrop of Bluebird Farm Park's idyllic landscapes, Collin and Kheilee's portraits reflected the purity of their love. The natural surroundings added a touch of enchantment to each frame, capturing the genuine joy and connection shared by the couple as they embarked on this momentous journey together.

The scene shifted to Century Farms for the main event, where rustic elegance met heartfelt vows. The ceremony, set against the charming backdrop of the farm, witnessed Collin and Kheilee professing their love amidst the prayers and well wishes of their closest friends and family.

Inside Century Farms, the reception took on a more casual note as Collin and Kheilee embraced the warmth of the farm setting. The highlight of the evening was a deeply symbolic religious foot-washing ceremony, a gesture of humility and service that emphasized the couple's commitment to each other.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Collin and Kheilee stole away for romantic sunset portraits. Bathed in the warm hues of the evening sky, the couple's love glowed, creating images that captured the timeless beauty of their union.

The night concluded with a private last dance, where Collin and Kheilee reveled in the joy of their day before sharing a magical sparkler exit. The sparklers lit up the dusky sky, symbolizing the bright future that awaited the newlyweds as they embarked on their journey hand in hand.

Collin and Kheilee's wedding at Century Farms in Carrollton, OH, was a testament to the magic that unfolds when love, nature, and tradition intertwine. From the private moments of the first look and vows to the symbolic foot-washing ceremony and the sparkling exit under the night sky, every element of their celebration spoke to the timeless beauty of their commitment. As they step into the future, Collin and Kheilee will forever cherish the whispers of love that echoed through the rustic charm of Century Farms on their magical wedding day.


Venue: Century Farms

Planner: Always Whimsical, LLC

Videographer: Gabe Ofca Videography

DJ: @Dj Rambo (Josh Rambo)

Florals: Nikki's Perfect Petal Designs


Hair: @Grace Boyd Hair

Makeup: Whitney B. Beauty

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