"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

—Dr. Seuss

I remember the first time I met Hannah and Jeremy. It was at the Pennsylvania Bride & Wedding Expo at the convention center in Pittsburgh, and I remember telling Jeremy that I liked his hair. His hair is pretty cool. His love for Hannah is even cooler.

They met, as many modern couples do, through Tinder. On the day that they officially met in person, Hannah had a wedding to attend, so she was dolled up and running all sorts of errands when Jeremy messaged her. It turned out that they were both in Monroeville at the same time. He asked her to meet up for drinks, but she said she was tired. There was some back and forth, but it didn't take too much convincing on Jeremy's part for Hannah to agree to meet. They initially wanted to go to a Mexican place, but it was closed so they ended up at TGI Fridays for their first date.

"Then we made out in the parking lot, now we're five years later," Hannah laughed.

"Yeah, five years," Jeremy said, looking at her softly.

With that thought, I asked them how they envision their lives five to ten years down the road. Hannah hopes that she's no longer sick, as she's been struggling with her kidneys for many years. She hopes to advance in her career as a banker and the two of them would love to own a big house.

"One that I could get lost in...or hide in," Jeremy said. "With a lot of rooms and closets. And a hot tub, somewhere where I can be warm."

"Like a sauna?" Hannah asked and he nodded. "I'd love to have a library with lots of books."

"We'll probably get more pets," Jeremy added.

"We have 10."

"They're mostly small."

"My goal is to have a guinea pig farm," Hannah said.

They currently have six guinea pigs, three cats, and a turtle. They think they'll get a dog or two. Jeremy is a software engineer and a father of two. Along with increasing their number of pets, he and Hannah hope to grow their family as well. They talked of having one of their own or possibly adopting. They also hope to be foster parents.

When they're not working, Hannah and Jeremy like to go out to different restaurants in Pittsburgh. When they're not going out, they like to sit in the same room playing different video games.

"We each have our own interests and respect that. We'll check in on each other," Jeremy elaborated. "Like we'll watch YouTube and scary movies together."

"We both play Path Finder," Hannah said. "You're really into Dungeons & Dragons."

"Yeah, we like tabletop games."

As their wedding approaches in October, Hannah is most excited about her dress and Jeremy's reaction to seeing her in it. She said he's going to cry. She's also excited for her dad to perform the ceremony.

"What about you?" Hannah asked Jeremy.

He looked at her, a twinkle in his eyes. "I am excited to be marrying you. Pretty excited."

"Me too," she replied softly. "I never thought I'd get married."

"Yeah, I can't believe she's letting me marry her," Jeremy laughed.

Thinking about their honeymoon, they'd like to go on a cruise to somewhere interesting. Hannah loves the cold so she wants to see Iceland, while Jeremy would like to visit Scotland or the Mediterranean.

For their engagement session, we got out to Monroeville Community Park, strolling around as the sun began to set, filling the sky with dazzling colors. Despite the chill in the air, we were happy to see some flowers in bloom. Hannah and Jeremy were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed listening to their love story and getting to know them. Their wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful.

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