Love in Bloom: John and Erinn

In the heart of September, amidst the fading warmth of summer and the promise of autumn leaves, John and Erinn embarked on a journey of love at The Frick in Pittsburgh, PA. Their wedding, a symphony of modern romance and timeless elegance, unfolded against the backdrop of this historic venue.

Erinn's day began in her sunlit suburban apartment, an oasis of calm and laughter as her bridesmaids surrounded her. In the soft glow of morning, with the scent of anticipation lingering in the air, she underwent a transformation that mirrored the blooming love she shared with John. Hair and makeup became a ritual of beauty, love, and shared excitement, setting the stage for the day's unfolding drama.

Adorned in a form-hugging off-white gown from Luxe Redux Bridal Boutique, Erinn radiated a timeless charm that transcended the moment. Her bridesmaids, draped in elegant navy blue gowns, were a living canvas of sophistication, a perfect complement to the bride's ethereal presence.

Meanwhile, in a bustling scene at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, John and his groomsmen prepared for the day's events. Sipping on beers and engrossed in the excitement of a football game, their camaraderie mirrored the genuine bond of friendship that had brought them to this celebration. John, dressed in a dark suit from Mr. Shop in Syracuse, NY, exuded a quiet confidence that spoke of the commitment he was about to make.

The moment of anticipation drew closer as Erinn made her way to The Frick to complete her preparations. The couple's eyes met for an intimate first look on the back porch, a moment suspended in time as they realized the gravity of the day's events. Against the backdrop of the greenhouse and the vibrant garden, they captured their love in a series of portraits that would forever encapsulate the beauty of their union.

As the sun started to descend in the sky, the small ceremony unfolded an intimate affair that underscored the depth of their connection. A testament to their journey together, it paved the way for the grand celebration that followed under the expansive twinkling tent.

The reception, an exuberant affair, featured the lively tunes of Velvet Crush, a band that set the rhythm for a night of joyous celebration. The air was filled with the heady fragrance of white roses and an eclectic mix of pink, yellow, blue, and purple blooms, creating an enchanting atmosphere that mirrored the couple's vibrant personalities.

Dinner, a scrumptious feast, catered to all palates with a thoughtful inclusion of vegan dishes. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, a culinary expression of the couple's commitment to honoring individuality within unity.

John and Erinn's September wedding at The Frick unfolded like a romantic drama, where every scene, every glance, and every note played by Velvet Crush contributed to a love story that transcended time and place. In the heart of Pittsburgh, amidst the historical charm of The Frick, John and Erinn etched their love story into the tapestry of a September day, creating memories that would bloom with each passing season.


Venue: The Frick Pittsburgh

Band: Velvet Crush

Bridal Gown: Luxe Redux Bridal

Groom's Suit: Mr Shop

Groomsmen: Men's Wearhouse

Hair: Sharon Bricker

Makeup: Selina Pernatozzi Sluganski

Florist/Decor: Gwen Martin

Cake/Bakery: Harrison's Fine Pastries

Catering: Common Plea Catering

Bar: Lo-Bar Cocktail Services

Limo: Elite Coach Limousine

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