"I know we're young, but we have the kind of love that could last forever. Let us grow together, have our roots intertwined, and our souls merged."


Hannah & Nate

were married in August of 2022 at the beautiful Shady Elms Farm in Hickory, PA. This was my first time photographing a wedding there and it was so much fun. I got to hang out with Hannah and her bridesmaids on the property in the spacious suite downstairs. They began the day with breakfast while my second shooter (Kayla) and I got the tour of the venue. The plan was for the ceremony to take place outside, but we had rain clouds on the horizon and everything was moved inside.

Once Hannah was ready, she had a first look with her dad and then with Nate. The look on Nate's face when he saw Hannah for the first time was absolutely priceless. They shared another private moment together where Nate gave Hannah a special ring. Afterwards, they had their portraits done along with group portraits with the wedding party. It was so much fun to incorporate the tree swing and the vintage couch in the bridal suite.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was held inside the reception space under the beautiful lamp feature. Praise and worship were incorporated into the ceremony with the guests joining in to sing. I loved how Nate and Hannah pressed their foreheads together when they prayed, it was such a sweet display of tenderness and unity.

The reception had one of the most eclectic playlists I had ever heard at a wedding, from Bohemian Rhapsody to anime theme songs to songs from Hamilton and everything in between. And the dance floor was full of energy. It was such a good time! My favorite part of the day was when Hannah and Nate had everyone leave towards the end so they could share a private last dance. I stayed with them for a few minutes and then excused myself as well to get set up for their sparkler exit. I

It was a beautiful day and I'm glad to have shot this wedding for Kara Gwyn Photography.