"October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month."

—Henry Ward Beecher

What's Happening

September came and went so fast, I almost feel robbed. I started the month off right with the beautiful wedding of Anne and Curt at Shakespeare's Restaurant and Pub. Just a few days later, I took my oldest out for a surprise mother-daughter birthday salon visit. I got myself a do reminiscent of Rogue from the X-MEN, and Lana got her much-asked-for teal money piece. She's nine years old now and looking so grown up. Since we share a birth month, it was a fun way to treat ourselves. That Thursday, I took off for a girls' trip to Disney World. I've never been without my family before. I've never done a vacation without my husband before. It was a new and much-needed experience. I had another wedding, this time for the lovely Lily and Zack, whose original photographer got stuck in Florida, which honestly, almost happened to me. I'm so glad I was able to provide them with photography coverage. Their backyard wedding was beautiful! We welcomed a brand niece, whom I just got to see for the first time on Sunday. She's adorable. Then I got to participate in the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder, which I've been training for all year. It was such a fun time that we're already preparing to do it again. Finally, September ended with welcoming two couples planning 2023 weddings. Whew! It was a good (busy) month.

And now, it's fall wedding season and the busiest month of my year. This newsletter is late because I spent October 1st celebrating with Brian and Reneé, while Rich was hanging with Hannah and Jeremy. Yes, we've already photographed two weddings this month, but we're just getting started. There's so much to do to prepare for the weddings this month as well as all the other events coming up, I'm half-tempted to give up sleeping, which is obviously not a good idea. Besides being a bad idea, this dreary fall weather makes me extra sleepy. While Rich says that sleep is for the weak, I say sleep is for the sound of mind. The more I get, the better I'll be able to function, and the better I'll be able to keep the cogs of my life moving. Last year, I would probably have been a little more stressed, but this year, I have some new systems and processes in place that will increase my work productivity and save my sanity. I'm excited about all the new tools at my fingertips that are helping my business grow and get better.

So...October, I'm ready for you. Let wedding season begin!

Happy October

What's Up Next?

Two weddings down, only five left of the 2022 wedding season. Next, is Larry & Rachel followed by Joseph & Rachael, Alex & Nicole, Lainey & Joey, and finally, the year ends with Ian & Kali. With our weekends packed with celebrations, it may take a little longer to respond to messages. Anything received over the weekend can expect a response the following business day. Thank you for your patience!

For now, the only Saturday available for sessions is October 29th. Every other Saturday is booked for weddings. We have limited weekday and Sunday availability for all other sessions. Get in touch if you're interested in an engagement, a senior, or a family session.

Larry + Rachel

Alex + Nicole

Ian + Kali


Anne + Curt

Brian + Reneé

Hannah + Jeremy

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